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Molecular Biology

Articles in Molecular Biology, the branch of science devoted to studies of the structure, function, and reactions of biomolecules involved in the life processes. It is chiefly concerned with the understanding the interrelationship of DNA, RNA and protein synthesis and learning how these interactions are regulated.

Molecular Biology Articles

Reductionism and complexity in molecular biology
Scientists now have the tools to unravel biological complexity and overcome the limitations of reductionism.

Date: 31 Aug 2007, Rating: 8.33

The evolution of molecular biology
Biology's various affairs with holism and reductionism, and their contribution to understanding life at the molecular level

Date: 31 Aug 2007, Rating: 3.85, 3 pages

In search of suitable reference genes for gene expression studies of human renal cell carcinoma by real-time PCR
A study demonstrating the suitability of the two housekeeping genes PPIA and TBP as endogenous reference genes when comparing malignant tissue samples with adjacent normal tissue samples from clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Date: 31 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated, 10 pages

Consistency of the Neighbor-Net Algorithm
Neighbor-Net is a novel method for phylogenetic analysis that is currently being widely used in areas such as virology, bacteriology, and plant evolution.

Date: 31 Aug 2007, Rating: 1.00, 8 pages

Two non-homologous brain diseases-related genes, SERPINI1 and PDCD10, are tightly linked by an asymmetric bidirectional promoter in an evolutionarily conserved manner
In this study, the authors present evidence showing that while SERPINI1 is predominantly expressed in brain and down-regulated in brain tumors

Date: 30 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated, 10 pages

Reduction of gene repair by selenomethionine with the use of single-stranded oligonucleotides
The repair of single base mutations in mammalian genes can be directed by single-stranded oligonucleotides in a process known as targeted gene repair.

Date: 30 Aug 2007, Rating: 1.00, 8 pages

Manipulation of cell cycle progression can counteract the apparent loss of correction frequency following oligonucleotide-directed gene repair
Thymidine may be used in a therapeutic fashion to enable the maintenance of high levels of treated cells bearing repaired genes

Date: 30 Aug 2007, Rating: 3.00, 9 pages

Molecule blocks gene, sheds light on liver cancer
New research shows how a particular small molecule blocks the activity of a cancer-suppressing gene, allowing liver-cancer cells to grow and spread.

Date: 30 Aug 2007, Rating: 5.44

Porphyrin electron-transfer reactions observed at the molecular level
Researchers at Temple University have observed and documented electron transfer reactions on an electrode surface at the single molecule level for the first time

Date: 30 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated

A unique arrangement for egg cell division
Which genes are passed on from mother to child is decided very early on during the maturation of the egg cell in the ovary.

Date: 30 Aug 2007, Rating: 6.20

Chromatin remodeling complex connected to DNA damage control
When molecular disaster strikes, causing structural damage to DNA, players in two important pathways talk to each other to help contain the wreckage

Date: 29 Aug 2007, Rating: 2.82

Gene regulation, not just genes, is what sets humans apart
The striking differences between humans and chimps aren’t so much in the genes we have, which are 99 percent the same, but in the way those genes are used, according to new research

Date: 29 Aug 2007, Rating: 3.00

DNA replication behavior in complex organisms may foreshadow leaps in genomic discoveries
For the first time, findings by scientists may be paving the way for more efficient analyses and tests related to the replication of cells, and ultimately, to the better understanding of human biology, such as in stem cell research.

Date: 29 Aug 2007, Rating: 5.00

Finding that 1-in-a-billion that could lead to disease
Errors in the genetic code can give rise to cancer and a host of other diseases, but finding these errors can be more difficult than looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Date: 29 Aug 2007, Rating: 8.33

Bits of 'junk' RNA aid master tumor-suppressor gene
Little-known bits of RNA help master tumor-suppressor gene do its job, U-M cancer researchers find

Date: 29 Aug 2007, Rating: 3.50

Einstein researchers use novel approach to uncover genetic components of aging
People who live to 100 or more are known to have just as many—and sometimes even more—harmful gene variants compared with younger people.

Date: 29 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated

Same gene protects from 1 disease, opens door to another
Botanists have discovered that a single plant gene can cause resistance to one disease at the same time it produces susceptibility to a different disease – the first time this unusual phenomenon has ever been observed in plants.

Date: 29 Aug 2007, Rating: 5.00

Gene regulation in humans is closer than expected to simple organisms
Gene networks are some of the most basic features of a living organism.

Date: 29 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated

New, more direct pathways from outside the cell-to-cell nuclei discovered
A team of Brooklyn College researchers has shattered a long-held belief that no direct pathway exists between material outside of a cell and the cell nucleus.

Date: 29 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated

Fruit Fly Gene from 'Out of Nowhere' Discovered
Scientists thought that most new genes were formed from existing genes, but Cornell researchers have discovered a gene in some fruit flies that appears to be unrelated to other genes in any known genome.

Date: 29 Aug 2007, Rating: 6.83