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Miscellaneous Articles

Staying together ‘for the sake of the kids’ doesn’t necessarily help them
The research is clear: Adolescents tend to fare better – academically and behaviorally – when they live with both biological parents.

Date: 15 Jun 2009, Rating: 2.60

Mars Rover device gets new mission on Earth
Developed to sniff out extraterrestrial life on other planets, a portable device known as the Mars Organic Analyzer (MOA) is taking on a new role in detecting air pollutants on Earth.

Date: 16 Feb 2009, Rating: 1.00

Burying crop residues at sea may help reduce global warming
Imagine a massive international effort to combat global warming by reducing carbon dioxide - build up in the atmosphere.

Date: 8 Feb 2009, Rating: 3.00

Forensic Odontology
An overview on forensic odontology

Date: 30 Jan 2009, Rating: 3.54, 7 pages

“Liquid mirror” advance may lead to better eye exams, improved telescopes
Scientists in Canada are reporting progress toward a new type of “liquid mirror” — mirrors made with highly reflective liquids

Date: 17 Nov 2008, Rating: 2.50

Scientists Map Soils on an Extinct American Volcano
Thousands of years after the lava cooled, soil scientists conduct sophisticated mapping of the resulting soil landscape.

Date: 30 Oct 2008, Rating: not rated

Depression May Increase Exacerbations, Hospitalizations in COPD
It is well known that patients with COPD frequently suffer from depression and anxiety, but according to new research, depression and anxiety may actually cause increased hospitalizations and exacerbations.

Date: 30 Oct 2008, Rating: not rated

Evidence that inexpensive device boosts fuel economy by up to 20 percent
Evidence that inexpensive device boosts fuel economy by up to 20 percent

Date: 4 Oct 2008, Rating: 1.00

New hope for tapping vast domestic reserves of oil shale
Researchers report discovery of a new process for economically tapping vast resources of crude oil in the United States, Canada, and other countries now locked away in rocky deposits called oil shale.

Date: 30 Sep 2008, Rating: 5.00

Flower-shaped nanoparticles may lead to better batteries for portable electronics
Want more power and longer battery life for that cell phone, laptop, and digital music player? “Flower power" may be the solution.

Date: 30 Sep 2008, Rating: 5.00

Low-emission, high-performance engine for future hybrids
In an advance toward introduction of an amazing new kind of internal combustion engine, researchers are reporting development and use of a new and more accurate computer model to assess performance of the so-called free-piston linear alternator

Date: 30 Sep 2008, Rating: not rated

Erectile Dysfunction Related to Sleep Apnea May Persist, but Is Treatable
For sufferers of sleep apnea, erectile dysfunction (ED) is often part of the package.

Date: 15 Sep 2008, Rating: not rated

“Smart water” may help boost production from oil wells by 60 percent
Researchers in Norway report that injecting a special type of seawater called “smart water” into certain low-yield oil wells may help boost oil extraction by as much as 60 percent.

Date: 15 Sep 2008, Rating: 3.00

Aqua Regia
Aqua regia (Latin for "royal water") is a highly corrosive, fuming yellow or red solution.

Date: 9 Jun 2008, Rating: 4.38

Frequent questions, and usual answers

Date: 4 Feb 2008, Rating: 2.80, 4 pages

Evolution Of Sex Chromosomes: The Case Of The White Campion
There are many different sex-determining systems in plants and animals with separate sexes (dioecious species).

Date: 12 Apr 2007, Rating: 2.20

Eavesdropping Occurs Among Animals, Finds Evolutionary Biologist
Eavesdropping among animals influences their behavior, Lee Dugatkin, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Louisville, has found.

Date: 12 Apr 2007, Rating: 6.75

Do Angry Men Get Noticed?
Researchers have demonstrated that male angry faces are a priority for visual processing - particularly for male observers

Date: 12 Apr 2007, Rating: 2.67

Heal thyself: Systems biology model reveals how cells avoid becoming cancerous
Researchers have described for the first time a web of inter-related responses that cells use to avoid becoming diseased or cancerous after being exposed to a powerful chemical mutagen.

Date: 12 Apr 2007, Rating: not rated

Not Just For Eatin': Blue Crab Nano-Sensor Detects Dangers
A substance found in crab shells is the key component in a nanoscale sensor system developed by researchers

Date: 12 Apr 2007, Rating: not rated