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Illnesses and Pathobiology

Articles in Pathobiology, the study or practice of pathology with more emphasis on the biological than on the medical aspects. It is concerned primarily on the cause of disease, the modifications in cellular function and changes in cellular structure produced in any cell, organ, or part of the body by disease.

Illnesses and Pathobiology Articles

Predicting TB Outbreaks Based on the First Two Cases
Outbreaks of tuberculosis (TB) may be able to be identified by looking at certain characteristics of the first two patients, according to new research.

Date: 2 Jul 2008, Rating: not rated

Agent orange chemical, dioxin, attacks the mitochondria to cause cancer, says Penn research team
Researchers have demonstrated the process by which the cancer-causing chemical dioxin attacks the cellular machinery, disrupts normal cellular function and ultimately promotes tumor progression.

Date: 21 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

New neuroimaging study identifies 'brain signature' for cigarette cravings
Research from Penn's Abramson Cancer Center may identify smokers at high risk for relapse in smoking cessation treatment

Date: 21 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Multiple skin cancer risk behaviors are common among US adults
Fox Chase Cancer Center study in American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Date: 21 Feb 2008, Rating: 4.00

Newly discovered virus linked to deadly skin cancer
Novel sequencing technique used at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute reveals new cancer virus; reported in the journal Science

Date: 21 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Cigarettes leave deadly path by purging protective genes
Rochester researchers studying antioxidants to reverse lung damage

Date: 21 Feb 2008, Rating: 5.00

Smoking can double risk of colorectal polyps
Smokers have a two-fold increased risk of developing colorectal polyps, the suspected underlying cause of most colorectal cancers

Date: 21 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Scientists find a way to detect which breast abnormalities may develop into cancer
Scientists have found a way of testing whether certain abnormalities in a woman's breast are likely to go on to develop into breast cancer

Date: 21 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Cellular and molecular aspects of gastric cancer
In this review, the authors examine the molecular and cellular events that underlie H pylori-induced gastric cancer.

Date: 15 Aug 2007, Rating: 2.95, 8 pages

UCLA, Italian chemists move closer to solving Lou Gehrig's disease mystery
Chemists may have solved an important mystery about a protein that plays a key role in a particular form of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, a progressive, fatal neurodegenerative disorder that strikes without warning.

Date: 12 Aug 2007, Rating: 2.00

Antioxidant overload may underlie a heritable human disease
The researchers show in mice that an overload of natural antioxidants can actually lead the heart to failure.

Date: 12 Aug 2007, Rating: 6.00

Free radical cell death switch identified
Molecular pathway may contribute to age related diseases

Date: 12 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated

New Jump Start For Aging Blood Vessels
Recent studies show promise for significantly reducing vascular aging by inactivating TNFa, which has been linked to blood vessel dysfunction and cell death.

Date: 3 Jan 2007, Rating: not rated

Stroke Symptoms Common Among General Population
As many as 18 percent of adults who have no history of stroke report having had at least one symptom of stroke, according to results of a large national study

Date: 16 Oct 2006, Rating: not rated

CHARGE syndrome
CHARGE syndrome was initially defined as a non-random association of anomalies...

Date: 9 Oct 2006, Rating: 2.00, 10 pages

Discovering How Environment Contributes To Breast Cancer
Some breast cancer risk is due to genetics... But the variability of breast cancer incidence internationally and its overall increase over time suggest that environmental factors are primary causes.

Date: 7 Sep 2006, Rating: not rated

Semen Can Worsen Cervical Cancer
Researchers have found that the high concentration of prostaglandin in semen makes other diseases of the female reproductive organs worse -- including uterine cancer.

Date: 7 Sep 2006, Rating: not rated

Research Links Erectile Dysfunction And Cardiovascular Disease
Preliminary findings show that men with erectile dysfunction are more likely to have cardiovascular disease.

Date: 20 Jul 2006, Rating: not rated

Study Links Obesity To Liver Failure
Researchers have found that obesity can put patients with acute liver failure at increased risk of mortality and other major complications, according to a new study...

Date: 20 Jul 2006, Rating: not rated

Intimate Kissing Quadruples Risk Of Meningitis In Teenagers
Intimate kissing with multiple partners almost quadruples a teenager's risk of meningococcal disease, finds a study...

Date: 20 Jul 2006, Rating: not rated