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Adults' Health

Articles include topics on health promotion and disease prevention in adults

Adults' Health Articles

Active seniors curb health care costs
Group Health research supports health club benefit

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Facet Joint Effusion and Interspinal Ligament Edema: Major Sources of Lower Back Pain
New MR techniques show that facet joint effusion (the collection of fluid in the spinal joints) and interspinal ligament edema are major sources of lower back pain

Date: 16 Oct 2008, Rating: not rated

Tobacco plants yield the first vaccine for the dreaded ???cruise ship virus???
Scientists have used a new vaccine production technology to develop a vaccine for norovirus, a dreaded cause of diarrhea and vomiting that may be the second most common viral infection in the United States after the flu.

Date: 20 Nov 2009, Rating: 3.00

Public disagrees with doctors on when it's right
Doctors do not think like the general public when it comes to making decisions about how to treat – or not treat – severely ill patients.

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Oceans, coasts and your health: Reducing risks and reaping rewards
It is clear that the health of our ocean and coastal environment is intimately linked to our health.

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Long-term beta carotene supplementation may help prevent cognitive decline
Men who take beta carotene supplements for 15 years or longer may have less cognitive decline

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Workforce Shortages in Mammography Could Threaten Early Detection Rates for Breast Cancer
At the current rate of production for new mammography professionals, there will be drastic reductions in the number of mammography professionals per woman age 40 years and older over the next 15-20 years

Date: 8 Feb 2009, Rating: not rated

The value of health care – a matter of discussion in Germany
The aim of this paper is to propose and discuss procedures to assess the value of publicly-financed health-care services.

Date: 13 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated, 7 pages

Science of Odor as a Potential Health Issue
Historically, unpleasant odors have been considered warning signs or indicators of potential risks to human health but not necessarily direct triggers of health effects.

Date: 13 Dec 2006, Rating: 3.40, 7 pages

Healthy Bodies Help Fight Disease? Clues To How Diet Affects The Immune System
Scientists are proposing that dietary fats can affect how well our immune system works and have discovered that one of the earliest steps in immune system activation relies on a molecule that binds fats.

Date: 12 Dec 2006, Rating: 2.00

Mental health and resiliency following 44 months of terrorism: a survey of an Israeli national representative sample
The present study evaluated the psychological sequelae of 44 months of terrorism in Israel, and sought to identify factors that may contribute to vulnerability and resilience.

Date: 9 Oct 2006, Rating: not rated, 8 pages

Vacations May Improve Your Health
Going on vacation may be more than just a frivolous pleasure -- it may actually be good for your health, according to a study of men at high risk for heart disease.

Date: 18 Oct 2006, Rating: 3.00

'Doing It All' Not Harmful To Women's Health
Women who juggle the roles of wife, parent, and employee generally suffer no ill effects on their health compared with other women, according to the results of a 10-year study.

Date: 18 Oct 2006, Rating: not rated

Married Adults Are The Healthiest, New CDC Report Shows
A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that married adults are healthier than divorced, widowed or never married adults.

Date: 18 Oct 2006, Rating: 5.33

Healthy Gums Are Likely To Lie Behind Milk Mustaches
Study found that people who get enough calcium have significantly lower rates of periodontal disease, a leading cause of tooth loss.

Date: 20 Jul 2006, Rating: not rated

Poor people in well-to-do neighborhoods face higher death rates, Stanford study finds
By living in a well-to-do neighborhood, poor people increase their risk of death, according to a new study

Date: 9 Nov 2006, Rating: 2.00

One in four patients has been drinking before arrival at accident and emergency
One in four patients has been drinking before arrival at accident and emergency, reveals a study

Date: 18 Aug 2007, Rating: 2.00

Research Reinforces Findings That Chinese Exercises Benefit Older Adults
Researchers lends strength to previous research documenting the health benefits of Qigong and Taiji among older adults who practice these ancient Chinese martial-arts forms.

Date: 10 Jul 2006, Rating: not rated

High estrogen levels associated with dementia in older men
One large study showed that women receiving estrogen therapy had an increased risk of cognitive impairment and dementia. However, the evidence for how testosterone levels affect men is contradictory.

Date: 26 Jul 2006, Rating: 1.75

Retinol lotion reduces the fine wrinkles from natural aging of skin
Products previously were thought only to improve skin aged by sun

Date: 23 Feb 2008, Rating: 3.50