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Adults' Health

Articles include topics on health promotion and disease prevention in adults

Adults' Health Articles

Hypertension, Diabetes and Increased Carotid Artery Wall Thickness Means Increased Risk of Stroke
Increased carotid artery wall thickness (CAWT), which can cause heart attack and stroke in many patients, is significantly related to diabetes and hypertension

Date: 15 Jun 2009, Rating: 2.33

India’s “holy powder” finally reveals its centuries-old secret
Scientists in Michigan are reporting discovery of the secret behind the fabled healing power of the main ingredient in turmeric — a spice revered in India as “holy powder.”

Date: 10 Jun 2009, Rating: 3.00

Nanoparticles in dietary supplements cause health concerns, regulatory challenges
An increase in the number of dietary supplements made with nanoparticles — so-called “nanoceuticals” — is raising growing concerns about their potential for toxicity in the wake of little government oversight.

Date: 16 Feb 2009, Rating: 5.00

Smoking Accelerates Cell Aging
Smoking doesn’t just make you look older—it actually accelerates aging.

Date: 8 Feb 2009, Rating: 3.67

Severity of OSA Linked to Sedentary Lifestyle
Not only is OSA linked to insulin resistance and liver disease independent of obesity, but at least one risk factor is also common to obesity and OSA: prolonged daytime sitting or standing.

Date: 2 Feb 2009, Rating: 5.00

Sleep Apnea linked to the Progression of Liver Disease
Researchers found that the chronic intermittent hypoxia that often characterizes OSA, a common form of SDB, is also independently linked to the progression of liver disease.

Date: 2 Feb 2009, Rating: 5.00

High pesticide levels found in fruit-based drinks in some countries outside U.S.
In the first worldwide study of pesticides in fruit-based soft drinks, researchers in Spain are reporting relatively high levels of pesticides in drinks in some countries, especially the United Kingdom and Spain.

Date: 12 Jan 2009, Rating: not rated

Double Threat: Deadly Lung Disease Also Linked to Heart Attacks
Patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) are three times as likely to experience severe coronary events—including heart attacks—than people without the disease

Date: 31 Dec 2008, Rating: 4.00

Drinking chamomile tea may help fight complications of diabetes
Drinking chamomile tea daily with meals may help prevent the complications of diabetes, which include loss of vision, nerve damage, and kidney damage

Date: 30 Sep 2008, Rating: 5.00

Probiotic Cuts Respiratory Illness Rates In Endurance Athletes, Study Suggests
The probiotic Lactobacillus substantially cuts the rate and length of respiratory illness in professional long distance runners, reveals a small study.

Date: 21 Feb 2008, Rating: 4.33

Exercise To Avoid Gallstones, New Research Suggests
A new University of Illinois study shows that exercise-trained mice get far fewer gallstones than sedentary mice and identifies potential mechanisms to explain why this occurs.

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Leaky Muscle Cells Lead To Fatigue
The new study shows that the fatigue that marathoners and other extreme athletes feel at the end of a race is caused by a tiny leak inside their muscles that probably also saps the energy from patients with heart failure.

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: 4.33

Daily Exercise Dramatically Lowers Men's Death Rates
Increased exercise capacity reduces the risk of death in African-American and Caucasian men

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: 4.33

Diet And Lifestyle Critical To Recovery, Says Study
Diet and lifestyle may play a much more significant role in a person's ability to respond favourably to certain drugs

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Choice is a key element in success for smokers who want to quit
Smokers who have a say in how they quit are more likely to try kicking the habit and are more successful, according to new research at the University of Rochester

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: 3.00

Different type of iron supplement is better at boosting iron levels
Fortifying cereals with a different type of iron supplement reduces anaemia, iron-deficiency anaemia and general iron deficiency children in developing countries

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: 5.00

Drinking 4 or more cups of coffee a day may help prevent gout
Long-term study links increased coffee consumption to decreased risk of gout in men over age 40

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: 2.00

Stockpiling influenza vaccine in Hong Kong
Indonesia’s refusal to share samples of avian flu (H5N1) virus with the WHO for most of 2007 is "distressing and potentially dangerous for global public health,"

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

A compound extracted from olives inhibits cancer cells growth and prevents their appearance
A research group has found out that maslinic acid has the capacity of preventing cancer as well as regulating apoptosis in carcinogenic processes.

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: 3.00

Study: When it comes to physical activity, one size does not fit all
A landmark University of Alberta study, analyzing a sample of over 275,000 individuals, has found that when it comes to participation in physical activity, one size does not fit all.

Date: 19 Feb 2008, Rating: 4.00