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Alternative Remedies

Articles on Alternative Remedies include information on the various therapeutic and preventive health care practices.

Alternative Remedies Articles

Complementary and alternative medical therapies for chronic low back pain: What treatments are patients willing to try?
Most patients with chronic back pain in our sample were interested in trying therapeutic options that lie outside the conventional medical spectrum.

Date: 12 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated, 8 pages

Researching complementary and alternative treatments – the gatekeepers are not at home
The purpose of this paper is to explore the strengths and weaknesses of conventional biomedical research strategies and methods as applied to CAM

Date: 21 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated, 6 pages

What do clinicians want? Interest in integrative health services at a North Carolina academic medical center
Use of complementary medicine is common, consumer driven and usually outpatient focused.

Date: 20 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated, 8 pages

Homeopathic and conventional treatment for acute respiratory and ear complaints: A comparative study on outcome in the primary care setting
The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of homeopathy compared to conventional treatment in acute respiratory and ear complaints in a primary care setting.

Date: 20 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated, 9 pages

A pain in the neck to get acupuncture focus
Does acupuncture provide a genuine and medically-proven treatment for long-term neck pain

Date: 20 Aug 2007, Rating: 5.00

Acupuncture relieves symptoms of fibromyalgia, Mayo Clinic study finds
Evidence suggests acupuncture reduces the symptoms of fibromyalgia

Date: 20 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated

Acupuncture relieves pelvic pain during pregnancy
Acupuncture and strengthening exercises help relieve pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy and are effective complements to standard treatment

Date: 20 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated

Acupuncture more effective than massage for chronic neck pain
Acupuncture is an effective short term treatment for patients with chronic neck pain, but there is only limited evidence for its long term effects after five treatments

Date: 20 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated

Acupuncture is a safe treatment in skilled hands
Acupuncture is a relatively safe form of treatment in the hands of a competent practitioner, conclude two reports in this week's BMJ.

Date: 20 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated

Acupuncture cuts tension headache rates by almost half
Acupuncture is an effective treatment for tension headache, cutting rates for sufferers by almost half, shows a study on bmj.com this week.

Date: 20 Aug 2007, Rating: 3.33

Researchers Call Herbs Rich Source Of Healthy Antioxidants; Oregano Ranks Highest
Herbs are an abundant source of antioxidants and could provide potential anticancer benefits when supplementing a balanced diet...

Date: 10 Jul 2006, Rating: 2.00

Heat Halts Pain Inside The Body
The old wives’ tale that heat relieves abdominal pain, such as colic or menstrual pain, has been scientifically proven...

Date: 10 Jul 2006, Rating: 8.40

Examining The Healing Mystery Of Aloe
The mysterious Aloe vera has been a source for healing since Old Testament times...

Date: 28 Aug 2006, Rating: 2.00