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Articles include topics on health promotion and disease prevention

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Skin Creams Can Make Skin Drier
Many people have noticed that as soon as you start using a skin cream, you have to continue with it; if you stop lubricating, your skin becomes drier than when you started.

Date: 6 Aug 2009, Rating: 4.00

Concern that research sponsored by drug companies is biased
Research funded by drug companies is more likely to produce results that favour the sponsor???s product than research funded by other sources

Date: 14 Aug 2007, Rating: 4.50

Substantial caries-inhibiting effect of fluoride varnish suggested
In this study, it has been found out that monthly fluoride varnish application was the most effective preventive regime in this school-based programme. Six-monthly fluoride varnish application was the most cost-effective method, however, for high- and med

Date: 12 Jun 2006, Rating: 5.00

Drug treatment likely to be based on biased evidence
Drug treatment is likely to be founded on biased evidence because drug companies tend to publish studies with more favourable results

Date: 14 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated

New Study Looks At Sensitivity To Sun
A project designed to try and explain the way genes influence sensitivity to sun is underway at the University of Edinburgh.

Date: 14 Aug 2007, Rating: 6.00

Skin care: new research into scar-free healing
By suppressing one of the genes that normally switches on in wound cells, wounds can heal faster and reduce scarring

Date: 23 Feb 2008, Rating: 5.00

Stressed-out Skin Loses Its Antimicrobial Defense Mechanism
It is well known that being stressed increases our susceptibility to infections by impairing the function of our immune system, but the molecular links between stress and diminished immune function have not been determined.

Date: 6 Aug 2009, Rating: not rated

Age and immunity
Longitudinal studies are defining progressive alterations to the immune system associated with increased mortality in the very elderly. Many of these changes are exacerbated by or even caused by chronic T cell stimulation by persistent antigen, particular

Date: 9 Jun 2006, Rating: 1.36, 8 pages