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Biomathematics, or mathematical biology, is an interdisciplinary field of biology which aims at modeling natural, biological processes using mathematical techniques and tools. It has both practical and theoretical applications in biological research.

Biomathematics Articles

Good information? It's not all about the brain
An Indiana University neuroscientist and University of Tokyo roboticist have figured out a way to model the popularly accepted idea that it takes all types of sensory information to help us make sense of our environments.

Date: 4 Dec 2007, Rating: 1.00

Study recommends strategies for distributing flu vaccine during shortage
When faced with potential vaccine shortages during a flu outbreak, public health officials can turn to a new study by mathematical biologists at The University of Texas at Austin to learn how to best distribute the vaccine.

Date: 4 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated

'Identify and Isolate': Simple public health measures work best in controlling highly infectious diseases
Simple public health measures are the most effective ways of stopping many infectious diseases, according to mathematical modelling by a team of Imperial College London researchers.

Date: 4 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated

Personalised doses of insulin
Diabetes is a widespread illness affecting 5 per cent of the population.

Date: 4 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated

UI researcher challenges explanations of children's 'word spurt'
Researchers have long known that at about 18 months children experience a vocabulary explosion, suddenly learning words at a much faster rate.

Date: 4 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated

Salmon farms kill wild fish, study shows
New research confirms that sea lice from fish farms kill wild salmon.

Date: 4 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated

Mathematicians get a handle on centuries old shape
It has been almost 230 years since French general and mathematician Jean Meusnier's study of soap films - the same kind used by children today to blow bubbles - led to one of the fundamental mathematical examples in geometric optimization.

Date: 4 Dec 2007, Rating: 3.00

Soil Passage Drinking Water Purification
Soil passage of surface water for drinking water production is effective enough in the removal of viruses.

Date: 3 Dec 2007, Rating: 3.45

Do post-menopausal women really need cervical smear tests?
In the United Kingdom postmenopausal women who are at little risk of developing cervical cancer remain in the screening programme until the age of 64.

Date: 3 Dec 2007, Rating: 4.00

An intelligent combination of mathematics and cell biology could spell death to brain tumours
Combining two separate observations of cells in brain tumours could enable doctors to improve the success rate of radiotherapy.

Date: 3 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated

Math model predicts cancer behavior
Development of a powerful new computer simulation of tumor growth sets the stage for customized cancer treatment

Date: 3 Dec 2007, Rating: 3.00

UWE Scientists Help Bring Computers And Robots To Life
New sources of computing power - derived from such novel areas as neuron-like cells and powerful chemical reactions - could form the heart of the next generation of computers.

Date: 3 Dec 2007, Rating: 1.00

Asymmetry due to Perfect Balance
Cell membranes are like two-dimensional fluids whose molecules are distributed evenly through lateral diffusion.

Date: 3 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated

Recent developments in the mathematical theory of water waves
The last decade has seen vigorous activity in mathematical theory for the motion of water waves by several independent international research groups

Date: 2 Dec 2007, Rating: 4.00

Smart dummies allow medics to practise before they panic
Doctors and nurses are using computer controlled medical mannequins to practise their responses to medical emergencies.

Date: 2 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated

Researchers determine why wolves not dispersing as fast as expected in Yellowstone
The slow dispersal rate had stumped researchers across North America until a team of mathematical biologists at the University of Alberta recently solved the puzzle.

Date: 2 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated

The theory of the chaos against the corrosion
In the modern science the word "chaos" is used for the description of systems, behaviour of which seems quite random.

Date: 2 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated

'Resonance' may explain virologic failure in STI drug therapy
Researchers have been puzzled over why HIV-positive patients who have periodic, built in interruptions in their drug therapy reach a point where the therapy no longer reduces their viral loads, even in the absence of any evidence of acquired drug resistan

Date: 2 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated

Strings As Structural Elements? Engineers Devise Mathematics For New Age Structures
Scientists have devised two mathematical tools considered to be a major contribution to the optimal design of a new generation of deformable bridges, buildings, etc

Date: 2 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated

NIST Math Technique Opens Clearer Window on Universe
A fast, efficient image enhancement technique developed at the NIST and originally applied to improving monochrome microscope images has proved itself equally effective at the other end of the scale

Date: 2 Dec 2007, Rating: not rated