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Articles on Immunobiology include studies on the structure and function of the immune system, innate and acquired immunity, the bodily distinction of self from nonself, and laboratory techniques involving the interaction of antigens with specific antibodies.

Immunobiology Articles

B Cells Can Act Alone In Autoimmune Disease
B cells, the source of damaging autoantibodies, have long been thought to depend upon T cells for their activation and were not considered important in the initiation of autoimmune diseases....

Date: 17 Jul 2009, Rating: 4.00

How Superbugs Control Their Lethal Weapons
It appears that some superbugs have evolved to develop the ability to manipulate the immune system to everyone's advantage.

Date: 17 Jul 2009, Rating: not rated

Crossroads ofextrathymic lymphocytesmaturation pathways
Hypothesis that microbes, especially viruses, can be promoters of extrathymic (self)antigen-reactive lymphocytes maturation is real ....

Date: 22 Feb 2009, Rating: not rated, 7 pages

Early immune system exposures linked to chronic disease
Scientists and regulators have a golden opportunity to reduce the health toll from a range of diseases by focusing more attention on identification of environmental factors that can damage the prenatal immune system

Date: 2 Feb 2009, Rating: 5.00

MSU researchers make new discoveries on what does and doesn't affect immune system
Scientists know that a number of factors can affect the body's immune system

Date: 18 Feb 2008, Rating: 3.80

Researchers discover new battleground for viruses and immune cells
Finding should aid those developing anti-virus vaccines

Date: 18 Feb 2008, Rating: 4.67

Tattooing improves response to DNA vaccine
A tattoo can be more than just a fashion statement - it has potential medical value

Date: 18 Feb 2008, Rating: 4.60

NIAID scientists identify new cellular receptor for HIV
A cellular protein that helps guide immune cells to the gut has been newly identified as a target of HIV when the virus begins its assault on the body's immune system

Date: 18 Feb 2008, Rating: 3.00

Some cases of autism may be traced to the immune system of mothers during pregnancy
UC-Davis discovery could lead to prenatal identification and prevention

Date: 18 Feb 2008, Rating: 5.00

Gene therapy protocol at UCSD activates immune system in patients with leukemia
Researchers inserted a gene with the potential to activate an immune response...

Date: 18 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

A functional immune system can be derived from embryonic stem cells, preliminary study finds
A new study demonstrates for the first time that embryonic stem cells can be used to create functional immune system blood cells

Date: 18 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Bacterial toxin closes gate on immune response, Penn researchers discover
Implications for finding new ways to fight MRSA

Date: 18 Feb 2008, Rating: 2.00

Genetic breakthrough supercharges immunity to flu and other viruses
Researchers at McGill University have discovered a way to boost an organism's natural anti-virus defences, effectively making its cells immune to influenza and other viruses

Date: 18 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Mesothelin engineered on virus-like particles provides treatment clues for pancreatic cancer
New understanding of a protein that spurs the growth of pancreatic cancer could lead to a new vaccine against the deadly disease

Date: 17 Feb 2008, Rating: 5.00

New approach may render disease-causing staph harmless
Researchers at the University of Illinois helped lead a collaborative effort to uncover a completely new treatment strategy for serious Staphylococcus aureus ("Staph") infections

Date: 17 Feb 2008, Rating: 4.00

Scientists move closer to developing a new class of asthma and allergy drugs
team of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council funded scientists has moved a step closer to developing a new class of effective asthma and allergy drugs.

Date: 17 Feb 2008, Rating: 4.00

Novel approach strips staph of virulence
An international team of researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health has blocked staph infections in mice using a drug previously tested in clinical trials as a cholesterol-lowering agent.

Date: 17 Feb 2008, Rating: not rated

Edmonton Protocol - Possible cure for Type 1 Diabetes patients
Article I wrote for Sophomore Research Project. Includes Edmonton Protocol procedure, description of Type 1 Diabetes, and other Type 1 treatments

Date: 23 Aug 2007, Rating: 5.33

Immune response after experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in rats subjected to calorie restriction
The present study was carried out to further examine the immune responses after EAE in rats subjected to a severe (i.e., 66 %) or a moderate (i.e. 33 %) calorie restriction.

Date: 9 Aug 2007, Rating: not rated, 7 pages

Immune-mediated changes in actinic keratosis following topical treatment with imiquimod 5% cream
The objective of this study was to identify the molecular processes responsible for the anti-lesional activity of imiquimod in subjects with actinic keratosis using global gene expression profiling.

Date: 8 Aug 2007, Rating: 2.00, 8 pages