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Marine Biology

Marine Biology is a science that deals with the animals, plants and other organisms that live and depend on bodies of saltwater, such as seas and oceans, for food and other necessities.

Marine Biology Articles

Widespread Oceanic Photopigments Convert Light into Energy
A new energy-generating, light-absorbing pigment called proteorhodopsin is widespread in the world's oceans, say scientists.

Date: 14 Sep 2006, Rating: not rated

Hidden sponges determine coral reef's nutrient cycle
Marine organisms hidden in caves, such as sponges, play an extremely important role in the nutrient cycle of coral reefs.

Date: 14 Sep 2006, Rating: 5.67

Marine Ecologists To Help Rebuild Decreasing Fish Stocks
Marine ecologists are working with fisheries across Europe to further understanding of natural and human influences on decreasing fish populations.

Date: 14 Sep 2006, Rating: 7.00

Cardiac plasticity in fishes: environmental influences and intraspecific differences
This review focuses on the responses of cardiac physiology and anatomy to prolonged changes in environmentally relevant parameters, e.g. temperature, hypoxia...

Date: 11 Jul 2006, Rating: 8.00, 12 pages

The effect of temperature on swimming performance and oxygen consumption in adult sockeye (Oncorhynchus nerka) and coho (O. kisutch) salmon stocks
Knowledge of the swimming capabilities and metabolic rates of adult salmon, and the influence of temperature on them, is extremely limited. This is critical to understand the remarkable upstream migrations that these fish can make.

Date: 11 Jul 2006, Rating: not rated, 9 pages

Ocean 'Dead Zones' Trigger Sex Changes In Fish, Posing Extinction Threat
Oxygen depletion in the world’s oceans, primarily caused by agricultural run-off and pollution, could spark the development of far more male fish than female, thereby threatening some species with extinction, according to a study...

Date: 10 Jul 2006, Rating: 2.33

Into The Dead Zone: Galveston Researcher Examines Loss Of Marine Life
A "dead zone," like the Stephen King novel of the same name, is a place where life can end...

Date: 10 Jul 2006, Rating: not rated

Cannibalism In The North Atlantic: Scripps Researcher Finds Crustacean Species Keeps Population In Check By Eating Its Young
Rsearchers have shown that tiny marine crustaceans called copepods use cannibalism as a mechanism to limit their population.

Date: 10 Jul 2006, Rating: not rated

How Noise Protects Entire Marine Ecosystems
Researchers have discovered that noise could bring order to chaotic systems, protect and maintain entire marine ecosystems, and even make the chemical industry greener.

Date: 10 Jul 2006, Rating: 6.33

Scientists Find Unusual Use Of Metals In The Ocean
Cadmium, commonly considered a toxic metal and often used in combination with nickel in batteries, has been found to have a biological use as a nutrient in the ocean, the first known biological use of cadmium in any life form.

Date: 10 Jul 2006, Rating: not rated

Deep Sea Buffet For Bone-devouring Worms
An unusual relationship between bacteria and a newly discovered group of marine worms is the only known partnership (or symbiosis) which uses sunken marine mammals as its sole source of nutrition.

Date: 10 Jul 2006, Rating: 1.00

Seaweed Surprise: Marine Plant Uses Chemical Warfare To Fight Microbes
Scientists have discovered that seaweeds defend themselves from specific pathogens with naturally occurring antibiotics.

Date: 10 Jul 2006, Rating: 3.80

Corals switch skeleton material as seawater changes
Postdoctoral fellow Justin Ries and his collaborators say this is the first known case of an animal altering the composition of its skeleton in response to change in its physical environment.

Date: 6 Jul 2006, Rating: not rated