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Articles on Hydrobiology, the science of life and life processes in water.  The section includes the biological aspect of marine and freshwater environments.

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Hydrobiology Articles

Proteomic Analysis of Mussels Exposed to Fresh and Weathered Prestige’s Oil
Biomonitoring programs that use mussels to assess the water quality around the world could benefit from the use of proteomics techniques.

Date: 12 Jul 2009, Rating: 1.00, 7 pages

Bacteriological assessment of urban water sources in Khamis Mushait Governorate, southwestern Saudi Arabia
A cross-sectional epidemiological method was adopted to investigate the four main urban water sources (i.e. bottled, desalinated, surface, and well water).

Date: 12 Jul 2009, Rating: 4.22, 9 pages

Stress-physiological reactions of the green alga Scenedesmus opoliensis to water pollution with herbicides
The freshwater green alga Scenedesmus opoliensis proves to be a suitable bioindicator of water pollution with
different herbicides.

Date: 12 Jul 2009, Rating: 4.20, 7 pages

Scotland's Loch Leven On Road To Recovery After Decades Of Water Quality Problems
New results from 40 years of intensive scientific research show that Loch Leven, Scotland’s freshwater ‘jewel in the crown’, is on the road to recovery after decades of water quality problems.

Date: 9 Jul 2009, Rating: not rated

Higher Levels Of Pollutants Found In Fish Caught Near A Coal-fired Power Plant
Emissions from coal-fired power plants may be an important source of water pollution and fish contamination

Date: 9 Jul 2009, Rating: 2.00

Extracts Of Catfish Caught In Polluted Waters Cause Breast Cancer Cells To Multiply
Exposing estrogen-sensitive breast cancer cells to extracts of channel catfish caught in areas with heavy sewer and industrial waste causes the cells to multiply

Date: 9 Jul 2009, Rating: 1.00

Drinking Tap Water Disinfected With Chlorine May Harm Fetus, Study Suggests
Drinking water disinfected by chlorine while pregnant may increase the risk of having children with heart problems, cleft palate or major brain defects

Date: 9 Jul 2009, Rating: not rated

Viruses Found In Untreated City Water; Study Shows River Water, Sewer Lines Are Possible Sources
Viruses from human sources occur in the La Crosse, Wisconsin municipal drinking water supply prior to its chlorination

Date: 9 Jul 2009, Rating: 1.00

Anti-Bacterial Additive Widespread In U.S. Waterways
Many rivers and streams in the United States are believed to contain a toxic antimicrobial chemical whose environmental fate was never thoroughly scrutinized despite large-scale production and usage for almost half a century

Date: 9 Jul 2009, Rating: 1.00

New Test Speeds Triclosan Detection In Water
new test for detecting triclosan should expedite environmental monitoring of the antibacterial agent in rivers, wells and other water sources

Date: 9 Jul 2009, Rating: not rated

UD scientists track freshwater flow from Arctic into the Atlantic
Freshwater discharge from the Arctic to the North Atlantic is a crucial factor controlling global climate

Date: 17 Feb 2008, Rating: 4.00

Water vapor feedback is rapidly warming Europe
A new report indicates that the vast majority of the rapid temperature increase recently observed in Europe is likely due to an unexpected greenhouse gas: water vapor.

Date: 16 Feb 2008, Rating: 3.40

Even a mile of forest can make a difference in water quality
Results from a small-scale experiment in western North Carolina illustrate the importance of National Forest lands in ensuring high water quality in the Southern Appalachian region.

Date: 16 Feb 2008, Rating: 3.75

NASA scientist claims warmer ocean waters reducing Earth's ice
Glaciers and ice sheets around the world have a big problem: warmer waters.

Date: 16 Feb 2008, Rating: 5.00

Human activities in arid urban environments can affect rainfall and water cycle
In the past half-century, cities have begun to expand in some of the Earth's most arid areas.

Date: 16 Feb 2008, Rating: 2.72

Research project tests remote sensing to measure Earth's water cycle
This summer's dry Iowa weather has helped drive home the importance of soil moisture not just to farmers, but also to gardeners, homeowners and consumers looking for fresh produce.

Date: 16 Feb 2008, Rating: 3.67

Spraying Water Containing Airborne Bacteria Found At Some Indoor Swimming PoolsCan Cause "Lifeguard Lung" Following Long-Term Exposure
Lifeguards at indoor swimming pools with water spouts and sprays, waterfalls and water slides may contract a lung disease after breathing bacteria suspended in water droplets small enough to be inhaled into the lungs.

Date: 16 Feb 2008, Rating: 3.00

New Method For Destroying Potentially Deadly Toxins In Drinking Water
Poisonous Substances Produced By Blue-Green Algae Can Attack Liver

Date: 16 Feb 2008, Rating: 4.00

Variable hydrology and salinity of salt ponds in the British Virgin Islands
In this paper, the authors examine spatial and temporal variation in hydrology and salinity in 17 salt ponds

Date: 2 Aug 2007, Rating: 5.75, 9 pages

Mount Sinai researcher finds drinking water safe to drink
Mount Sinai researcher finds drinking water safe to drink

Date: 31 Jul 2007, Rating: not rated