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Classical Genetics

Articles on Classical Genetics are concerned with how genes are passed from one individual to another.

Classical Genetics Articles

Can senile amyloidosis spread from mother to offspring?
Researchers have demonstrated spread of senile amyloidosis from affected mice to their nursing offspring.

Date: 25 Jul 2007, Rating: not rated

Drinks of the father
Paternal maximum alcohol consumption is associated with disruptive behavior disorders, early-onset substance use, and early substance-related problems in male and female offspring.

Date: 25 Jul 2007, Rating: 1.00

Researchers Discover Important Genetic Flaw In Family Affected By Schizophrenia
Researchers have discovered a genetic flaw in a family suffering with schizophrenia that may help to explain an important biochemical process implicated in the onset of the disease.

Date: 18 Sep 2006, Rating: not rated

Older Fathers More Likely To Have Autistic Children
Children of men age 40 and older have a significantly increased risk of having autism spectrum disorders compared with those whose fathers are younger than 30 years...

Date: 6 Sep 2006, Rating: 5.80