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Articles on Genetics include biological studies in heredity, particularly the mechanisms of hereditary transmission and the variation of inherited characteristics among similar or related organisms.

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Genetics Articles

Lupus gene finding prompts call for more DNA samples
Wellcome Trust researchers have identified a key gene involved in the disease Lupus

Date: 26 Jan 2008, Rating: 4.25

Gene study supports single main migration across Bering Strait
Scientists have produced new genetic evidence that's likely to hearten proponents of the land bridge theory.

Date: 26 Jan 2008, Rating: 3.50

Researchers discover gene responsible for Restless Legs Syndrome
An international team of researchers has identified the first gene associated with Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), a common sleep disorder affecting tens of millions of people worldwide.

Date: 26 Jan 2008, Rating: 4.75

Manchester researchers identify gene behind rheumatoid arthritis
Researchers have identified a genetic variant in a region on chromosome 6 that is associated with rheumatoid arthritis

Date: 26 Jan 2008, Rating: 4.00

Plant Genes Imported From Unrelated Species More Often Than Previously Thought, Biologists Find
Study suggests that such genetic events, called horizontal gene transfers, have happened more often than previously thought

Date: 26 Jan 2008, Rating: 5.00

Comparing chimp, human DNA
Most of the big differences between human and chimpanzee DNA lie in regions that do not code for genes

Date: 30 Jan 2007, Rating: 6.43

Why Test Children for Adult-Onset Genetic Diseases?
The genetics community has developed guidelines recommending that predictive testing of children for adult-onset genetic conditions should be withheld.

Date: 24 Jul 2007, Rating: 6.71, 6 pages

Chemical Genetics Reveals an RGS/G-Protein Role in the Action of a Compound
a chemical genetic screen designed to address the mechanism of action of a small molecule

Date: 24 Jul 2007, Rating: 1.00, 8 pages

Genetics of deafness in India
The authors review here the prevalence of this gene in the Indian population as found in their study

Date: 24 Jul 2007, Rating: 3.55

Genetic disease and the development of Human Genetics
Since the "rediscovery" of Mendels work in 1900, most investigations on the genetic nature of human traits have been devoted to those classified as qualitative

Date: 24 Jul 2007, Rating: 4.05

An epitaph for the gene. An obituary for genetics. An adieu for heredity.
Gene, genetics and heredity have outlived their utility and must be replaced in near future by new concepts and terms.

Date: 23 Jul 2007, Rating: 5.00, 5 pages

Biologists Find that Plant Genes Imported From Unrelated Species More Often Than Previously Thought
Scientists have long thought gene exchange between individuals of unrelated species to be an extremely rare event among eukaryotes

Date: 23 Jul 2007, Rating: 2.00

Chromosome May Harbor Autism Gene, Utah Researchers Confirm
medical researchers have confirmed that a region on a single chromosome probably harbors a gene that causes autism.

Date: 23 Jul 2007, Rating: 6.00

In Chemical Genetics, A New Strategy Could Speed Drug Discovery
Researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center have developed a new technique to speed discovery of drug targets in chemical genetics.

Date: 23 Jul 2007, Rating: 4.00


Date: 7 May 2007, Rating: 2.82, 2 pages

Overview of Chirology
The article describes and explain what Chirology is, what the word means and what this discipline is able to do.

Date: 22 Dec 2006, Rating: 5.33

When Two Mutants Collide: How Genetic Disorders Can Be Partially Rescued In Compound Heterozygotes
In recessive disorders, such as the three clinically distinct disorders trichothiodystrophy (TTD), xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), and Cockayne syndrome (CS), all of which involve different mutant alleles in the XPD gene

Date: 16 Oct 2006, Rating: 5.00

Individual susceptibility and alcohol effects:biochemical and genetic aspects
In this paper the main features of ethanol metabolism and the polymorphisms of the most relevant enzymes involved in determining the eventual different susceptibility to alcohol-induced effect is briefly presented.

Date: 19 Oct 2006, Rating: 7.08, 7 pages

Researchers Close In On Stroke Candidate Gene
A gene variation may increase stroke risk among whites - a finding that may lead to early identification of individuals at increased risk for stroke...

Date: 18 Oct 2006, Rating: 7.00

Hold The Salt: Gene May Explain African Americans' Extra Sensitivity To Salt, Leading To High Blood Pressure
Having a particular gene may make African Americans much more sensitive to salt, thereby increasing their risk of developing high blood pressure, according to a new report

Date: 18 Oct 2006, Rating: 5.22