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Articles on Ecology, a subdiscipline of biology that studies the interactions of living organisms with each other and with their environment

Ecology Articles

Down By The River: Riparian Habitats Preferred By Both Native And Exotic Species
As Rebecca Brown kayaked down the Nolichucky River in North Carolina one summer, she followed a path similar to many of her own study subjects. Seeds and other propagules often float downstream before settling along riverbanks.

Date: 21 Jan 2008, Rating: 4.33

Contaminants From Coal-Burning Byproduct Affecting Aquatic Wildlife
Ecologists at the Savannah River Site are finding high levels of heavy metals in animals exposed to coal fly ash left over from burning coal at the federal reservation

Date: 21 Jan 2008, Rating: 4.30

Nitrogen Oxide Pollutants Have Declined Over The Eastern United States Since 1999
Nitrogen oxides (known as NOx) emitted by fossil fuel combustion play a crucial role in producing ground level ozone

Date: 21 Jan 2008, Rating: 1.00

Changing Global Nitrogen Cycle Impacting Human Health, Says Colorado University-led Study
Despite greatly increasing food production for humans, the growing use of nitrogen as a nutrient is affecting people's health far beyond just the benefits of growing more crops

Date: 21 Jan 2008, Rating: 4.00

Ecological Restoration: A Global Strategy For Mitigating Climate Change
The Society for Ecological Restoration International issued a position statement on global climate change during its joint conference with the ESA “Ecological Restoration in a Changing World” held recently in San Jose, CA.

Date: 21 Jan 2008, Rating: 4.60

Global Warming May Warrant New Approaches To Ecosystem Restoration
Ecosystems behave in unpredictable ways and, because of this, restoration ecologists are often faced with unforeseen challenges.

Date: 21 Jan 2008, Rating: 4.00

Putting Ecology Back Into River Restoration
An ambitious plan is under way in the ecological community to agree a set of standards for ecologically successful river restoration.

Date: 21 Jan 2008, Rating: 3.67

Hurricanes Impact Carbon Sequestration By Forests
Hurricanes significantly lessen the capacity of US forests to sequester atmospheric carbon

Date: 21 Jan 2008, Rating: 4.00

'Live Fast, Die Young' Applies To Forests, Too
Forests provide humans with economically important and often irreplaceable products and services, and affect global climate by acting as sources and sinks of heat-trapping carbon dioxide.

Date: 21 Jan 2008, Rating: 3.29

Locomotor activity in common spiny mice (Acomys cahirinuse): The effect of light and environmental complexity
The present study tested whether the spatio-temporal structure of activity was also modified in illuminated compared with dark and complex compared with open arenas

Date: 9 Jul 2007, Rating: 6.70, 9 pages

Wildlife reintroduction: considerations of habitat quality at the release site
The habitat analysis was carried out to ensure that the island was capable of supporting the gibbons and the resident wildlife

Date: 9 Jul 2007, Rating: 3.44, 8 pages

Trace metal concentrations in Posidonia oceanica of North Corsica (northwestern Mediterranean Sea): use as a biological monitor?
In the present study, the authors measured and compared the levels of eight trace metals in sheaths dated by lepidochronology and in leaves of shoots sampled from P. oceanica meadows collected from six offshore sites in northern Corsica between 1988 and 2

Date: 9 Jul 2007, Rating: 5.00, 9 pages

Complex interplay between intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of long-term survival trends in southern elephant seals
In this paper the authors expand greatly on previous work by amalgamating capture-mark-recapture data collected over two extended periods of differing population density at Macquarie Island

Date: 9 Jul 2007, Rating: not rated, 9 pages

Correspondence regarding 'Clouded leopards, the secretive top-carnivore of South-East Asian rainforests: their distribution, status and conservation needs in Sabah, Malaysia'
Due to their secretive behaviour, nocturnal habits and low densities, there has been a distinct lack of research conducted on clouded leopards (Neofelis spp.)

Date: 8 Jul 2007, Rating: 7.29, 6 pages

Detecting local establishment strategies of wild cherry (Prunus avium L.)
P. avium, a pioneer tree species that colonizes early forest successional stages, is assumed to require an effective strategy allowing stably repeatable rounds of local establishment, dispersal and local extinction.

Date: 8 Jul 2007, Rating: 3.00, 9 pages

Building with Nature (Ecological Principles in Building Design)
This study provides ideas on the effective management of nature in building design and the process of integration with nature.

Date: 8 Jul 2007, Rating: 3.00, 8 pages

Nesting ecology and hatching success of the wood turtle, Glyptemys insculpta, in Quebec
The nesting ecology of Wood Turtles (Glyptemys insculpta) was studied in Québec, Canada during 1996 and 1997.

Date: 6 Jul 2007, Rating: 8.50, 8 pages

Acadian biospeleology: composition and ecology of cave fauna of Nova Scotia and southern New Brunswick, Canada
The vertebrate and invertebrate fauna, environment and habitats of caves and disused mines in Nova Scotia and southern New Brunswick are provisionally catalogued and described

Date: 6 Jul 2007, Rating: 6.43, 8 pages

Accelerated Global Warming From Nutrient Shortages For Trees And Soils
Future atmospheric levels of the notorious heat-trapping gas, carbon dioxide, remain a controversial topic among environmental scientists.

Date: 4 Jul 2007, Rating: 4.89

Common Cannibals -- New Study Examines Role That Intraspecific Predation Plays In Determining Dynamics Of Population
While humans may find the thought of cannibalism unsettling, other species seem to eat their own kind quite readily.

Date: 4 Jul 2007, Rating: 4.67