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Botany, also referred to as plant biology, is the scientific study of plants and plant life. It covers a wide range of scientific disciplines that study the growth, reproduction, metabolism, development, diseases, and evolution of plants.

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Botany Articles

Plants Use "Snorkels" To Survive Floods
When flooded by water, some plants rapidly send up shoots above the surface and use the new leaves as a kind of 'snorkel'.

Date: 26 Sep 2006, Rating: 5.61

Plants, Insects Play Cat And Mouse Game
Plants and insects play a far more intricate game than we suspect, says a researcher.

Date: 26 Sep 2006, Rating: 3.72

Plant Genome Offers Clues To Longevity -- Arabidopsis Can Survive The Loss Of An Enzyme That Prevents Aging
Researchers studying the tips of chromosomes in Arabidopsis thaliana-a weed in the mustard family-are learning about gene functions that determine how rapidly plants age, which could lead eventually to advances in human medicine.

Date: 26 Sep 2006, Rating: 5.00

For Plants, Size Doesn't Matter When It Comes To Metabolism
Scientists have found a universal rule that regulates the metabolism of plants of all kinds and sizes, and that may also offer a key to calculating their carbon dioxide emissions.

Date: 26 Sep 2006, Rating: 4.43

The Green Revolution: Botanical Contributions to Forensics and Drug Enforcement
This article presents a review of traditional forensic botany methods (ie, species identification by their morphological characteristics) and casework.

Date: 5 Sep 2006, Rating: 4.00, 11 pages

Friends, Enemies Communicate With Plants In Similar Ways
Researchers have found that the two soil-dwelling strangers, a friend and a foe, communicate with the plant in very similar ways.

Date: 23 Jul 2006, Rating: 5.78

Phenology of Flowering and Starch Accumulation in Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) Cuttings and Vines
A reliable protocol for flowering and fruiting in cuttings was developed.

Date: 30 Aug 2006, Rating: 5.00, 7 pages

Streblus asper Lour. (Shakhotaka): A Review of its Chemical, Pharmacological and Ethnomedicinal Properties
This review presents the botany, chemistry, traditional uses and pharmacology of the medicinal plant, Streblus asper Lour.

Date: 29 Aug 2006, Rating: 2.60, 9 pages

Research Determines How Plants Tell Which Way Is Up
After being knocked over by wind or hail, many plants quickly grow upward again...

Date: 28 Aug 2006, Rating: 3.80

Computational Analysis Shows That Plant Hormones Often Go It Alone
Unlike the Three Musketeers who lived by the motto "All for one, one for all," plant hormones prefer to do their own thing

Date: 28 Aug 2006, Rating: 6.00

Trees Appear To Respond Slower To Climate Change Than Previously Thought
Genetic analysis of living spruce trees provides strong evidence for the presence of a tree refuge in Alaska during the height of the last glacial period, i.e. 17,000 to 25,000 years ago....

Date: 28 Aug 2006, Rating: 7.33

Biologists Solve Plant Growth Hormone Enigma
Now researchers have found the solution as to how plants produce and distribute auxin, which has valuable applications in agriculture...

Date: 28 Aug 2006, Rating: 2.73

Another Grape Excuse To Hit The Bottle
Scientists say they have discovered that the grapes used to make some of the most popular red wines contain high levels of the sleep hormone melatonin

Date: 28 Aug 2006, Rating: 6.50

The Elusive Plant Mitochondrion as a Genetic System
This article describes plant mitochondrial genome

Date: 6 Oct 2006, Rating: 4.50, 7 pages

Male Plant Species Eradicates Hermaphrodite Relatives
News: biologists have found a striking example of apparent on-going extinction in a European plant species.

Date: 28 Aug 2006, Rating: 6.67

Old leaves need to die in time or they will bring a plant down
By using transgenic tobacco plants that do not shed their lower leaves, they were able to show that shaded old leaves become a burden to a plant because they no longer photosynthesize but still require energy to be maintained.

Date: 9 Nov 2006, Rating: 9.50

'Super Broccoli' Promises To Help Us Live Longer, Last Longer On Our Shelves
Researcher were breeding a range of "Super Broccoli" and its wider brassica family which will: help us live longer, last longer on our shelves, and use much less pesticide and fertilizer.

Date: 28 Aug 2006, Rating: 7.25

Researchers Reveal Apples' Protective Ways: Molecular Mechanism Of Flavonoid-rich Fruit Discovered
News: researchers have discovered one way in which flavonoid-rich apples inhibit the kinds of cellular activity that leads to the development of chronic diseases, including heart disease and age-related cancers

Date: 28 Aug 2006, Rating: 4.00

Plant Protection From Cold Decoded
In response to cold, plants trigger a cascade of genetic reactions that allow them to survive.

Date: 28 Aug 2006, Rating: 5.00

Plants Tell Caterpillars When It's Safe To Forage
News: plant signals can indeed regulate herbivore behavior according to recent study.

Date: 28 Aug 2006, Rating: 5.00