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Medical Biophysics

Articles on Medical Biophysics are concerned with studies and research findings that apply physics to describe biological process mainly for medical application. This discipline combines physics and physiology. Important areas of research include medical imaging (e.g. MRI, computed tomography, and PET), oncology and cancer diagnosis using radiolabelling and molecular imaging, and vasculature and circulatory system function.

Medical Biophysics Articles

Listening In On The Whispering Heart
A new implantable device that could send an early-warning signal to your doctor before heart rhythm problems arise, may now be possible...

Date: 6 Sep 2006, Rating: not rated

Electroporation of the heart
The authors review the available literature on electroporation in the heart and relate the findings to several recent experimental studies performed in their laboratory.

Date: 24 Aug 2006, Rating: not rated, 8 pages

Microscopic brain imaging in the palm of your hand
News: The method, called two-photon microendoscopy, combines a pair of powerful optical and mechanical techniques into one device that fits in the palm of the hand.

Date: 21 Aug 2006, Rating: 10.00

Daytime Light Exposure Dynamically Enhances Brain Responses
Exposure to light is known to enhance both alertness and performance in humans, but little is understood regarding the neurological basis for these effects, especially those associated with daytime light exposure

Date: 28 Mar 2007, Rating: not rated

Sunlight Converts Common Anti-bacterial Agent To Dioxin
Sunlight can convert triclosan, a common disinfectant used in anti-bacterial soaps, into a form of dioxin, and this process may produce some of the dioxin found in the environment, according to research.

Date: 28 Mar 2007, Rating: 9.00

SPF May Not Be Enough To Protect Against Skin Cancer
Immune protection factor (IPF) in sunscreens and its relationto sun protection factor (SPF) is essential in determining skin cancerprevention ability, researchers found.

Date: 28 Mar 2007, Rating: not rated

Protein energy profiles offer clues about amyloids
To identify whether a protein is a candidate for misfolding, a researcher has devised a dynamic interplay between theory and experiment

Date: 2 Jun 2007, Rating: not rated

Light-sensitive photoswitches could restore sight to those with macular degeneration
A research center aims to put light-sensitive switches in the body's cells that can be flipped on and off as easily as a remote control operates a TV.

Date: 9 Nov 2006, Rating: 3.00