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Methods & Techniques

Biology laboratory techniques include articles that describe different methods or procedures applied in biological research.

Methods & Techniques Articles

FRAP analysis of photosynthetic membranes
This review explains the potential and the problems, and gives a brief guide to performing FRAP measurements and analysing the data.

Date: 29 Jan 2007, Rating: 5.00, 9 pages

Neuronal Cell Cultures Kept On The Straight And Narrow
An improved technique for culturing cells may enable new, fundamental insights into the behavior of neuronal cells.

Date: 23 Nov 2006, Rating: not rated

Researchers Devise Way To Mass-produce Embryonic Stem Cells
Ohio Researchers at Ohio State University have developed a method for mass-producing embryonic stem cells.

Date: 23 Nov 2006, Rating: not rated

New Technique Boosts Potential For Growing Stem Cells
A new method for growing specialized cells from embryonic stem cells could provide large numbers of these valuable cells for research and clinical purposes.

Date: 23 Nov 2006, Rating: not rated

The World's Most Powerful NMR Spectrometer
The most powerful, high-resolution nuclear magnet resonance (NMR) spectrometer will become the centerpiece of one of the world's most prominent collections of NMR instruments.

Date: 23 Nov 2006, Rating: not rated

A New Metal Detector To Study Human Disease
Researchers now have developed a biochemical metal detector to help crack the mystery. It is a biosensor that has yielded the first measurements of the tiny amounts of zinc ordinarily present inside living cells.

Date: 23 Nov 2006, Rating: 6.67

New Tool For Comparative Gene Studies
A great deal is known about how model organisms such as fruit flies, nematodes and mice develop.

Date: 23 Nov 2006, Rating: 5.00

New Technique Boosts Size Of Proteins That Can Be Analyzed
Cornell researchers have extended a powerful technique to increase by fourfold the size of a protein that can be analyzed, to those containing more than 2,000 amino acids, up from about 500.

Date: 23 Nov 2006, Rating: not rated

Method To Visualize Gene Activity May Provide Important Insight Into Normal Development And Genome Function
A technique, which uses bright fluorescent dyes to reveal the activity of genes in individual cells of an organism, promises to be a boon to developmental biologists

Date: 23 Nov 2006, Rating: 5.00

Physicians Unveil New Technique For Stroke Analysis; More Sensitive CT Scan Technique Will Bring Precise Diagnosis Into More Hospitals
Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have found a new way to evaluate acute strokes.

Date: 23 Nov 2006, Rating: 1.00

Brookhaven Lab Researchers Develop A Technique To Measure Defects In Materials With Unprecedented Accuracy
Researchers have developed a technique to detect defects in materials with picometer accuracy.

Date: 23 Nov 2006, Rating: not rated

Jefferson Scientists Use Gene Repair Technique To Change Albino Mice Hairs To Black
Researchers have used an innovative "gene repair" technique to genetically change white albino mice hairs to black.

Date: 23 Nov 2006, Rating: 4.33

Technique Measures Muscle Contraction At Molecular Level
A measurement technique originally designed for studying interactions within molecules of DNA has been used to examine muscle movement at the molecular level, says the researcher who developed the procedure.

Date: 23 Nov 2006, Rating: 3.67

Two-Photon Microscopy of Cells and Tissue
This review aims to provide an overview of the use of two-photon excitation microscopy.

Date: 22 Nov 2006, Rating: 3.00, 9 pages

Challenges in Detecting the Abuse of Growth Hormone in Sport
The purpose of this review is to discuss the methodologies being developed to detect GH abuse.

Date: 22 Nov 2006, Rating: 2.00, 9 pages

Exhaled breath condensate as a method of sampling airway nitric oxide and other markers of infl ammation
Most of the methods of investigating lung diseases have been invasive until the discovery that exhaled nitric oxide can be used as a surrogate marker of airway infl ammation, particularly in asthma.

Date: 22 Nov 2006, Rating: 4.00, 7 pages

Raman spectroscopy: the gateway into tomorrow's virology
This review provides an introduction for a virologist into the world of spectroscopy and explores many of the potential applications of Raman tweezers in virology.

Date: 17 Nov 2006, Rating: 3.36, 9 pages

Use of an improved zirconyl hematoxylin stain in the diagnosis of Barrett’s esophagus
The efficacy of the improved zirconyl hematoxylin in the diagnosis of Barrett’s esophagus was compared to the efficacy of alcian blue.

Date: 17 Nov 2006, Rating: not rated, 7 pages

Nobel Prize In Chemistry 2002: Revolutionary Analytical Methods For Biomolecules
2002 Nobel Prize in Chemistry concerns powerful analytical methods for studying biological macromolecules, for example proteins.

Date: 16 Nov 2006, Rating: 5.00

Shooting A Painting Reveals Its Pigments
Dutch scientists have developed a new method for studying organic pigments in the paintings of old masters.

Date: 16 Nov 2006, Rating: not rated