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An ecosystem, when undisturbed, tends to have a great variety of species forming a complex web of interactions. The range of natural variety of species and ecosystems, and the measure of variability of genes within the species in a particular habitat is called biological diversity, or biodiversity.

Biodiversity Articles

Missing Link Sea Creature Found on Cape York
Biodiversity researchers from Denmark and Australia believe they have solved one of the great mysteries of the sea - where did the sea skaters come from?

Date: 22 Nov 2007, Rating: 5.00

Southern Africa and biodiversity conservation
Southern Africa is a globally recognized centre of biodiversity richness and endemism...

Date: 21 May 2007, Rating: 5.00, 5 pages

Biodiversity in Africa
Biodiversity offers multiple opportunities for development and improving human well-being.

Date: 21 May 2007, Rating: 5.60, 12 pages

Western Africa and biodiversity
The wide range of ecosystems forests, savannahs, deserts, rivers, mountains, mangroves and seas makes the sub-region rich in biodiversity.

Date: 21 May 2007, Rating: 4.00, 6 pages

Life's a beach
Scientists at Plymouth Marine Laboratory are developing new methods to rapidly assess the biodiversity of living organisms on beaches and other marine environments.

Date: 21 May 2007, Rating: 4.33

Biodiversity hotspots, centres of endemicity, and the conservation of coral reefs
Coral reefs are renowned for their spectacularly high biodiversity, yet there is widespread concern for their future in the face of threats from land-clearing, over-fishing and global warming.

Date: 21 May 2007, Rating: 5.00

Dung-Eating Koala Moth Named After CSIRO Head in Honour of Biodiversity Efforts
The CSIRO's chief executive Dr John Stocker is to have a remarkable and newly discovered Australian insect named after him.

Date: 21 May 2007, Rating: 6.50

Aussie Billabongs as Diverse as Amazon Rivers?
The legendary billabongs of Australia's Murray-Darling Basin might be as rich in biodiversity as the waters of the Amazon jungles

Date: 21 May 2007, Rating: 5.50

Fossil Record Accurately Reflects Recent Flowering Of Marine Biodiversity
The apparent increase in marine biodiversity over the past 50 million to 100 million years is real and not just a false reading produced by the inconsistencies of the fossil record

Date: 21 May 2007, Rating: not rated

Biodiversity and ecosystem services
Biodiversity is being threatened at an unprecedented scale by global environmental change brought about by human societies.

Date: 16 Apr 2007, Rating: 4.30, 2 pages

Marine biodiversity
Biodiversity is now commonly defined as the variety of life in genes, species and habitats.

Date: 16 Apr 2007, Rating: 4.80, 5 pages

Forest losses predict bird extinctions in eastern North America
The distribution of bird species and the timing and extent of forest loss was studied

Date: 16 Apr 2007, Rating: 3.06, 6 pages

To Avoid Doing More Harm Than Good, Land Trusts Must Consider Market Forces When Acquiring Property
Land trusts that focus on biodiversity conservation should consider the impact of real estate market forces when acquiring land, according to a new study

Date: 16 Apr 2007, Rating: not rated

Biodiversity's Response To Ecosystem Productivity Depends On Historical Plant And Animal Relationships
Some thirty million species now live on Earth, but their spatial distribution is highly uneven.

Date: 16 Apr 2007, Rating: 4.86

Biodiversity: Measuring Up To The Loss
Species are disappearing faster than biologists can identify and document them.

Date: 16 Apr 2007, Rating: not rated

Colorado State And International Scientists Say Loss In Biodiversity By Year 2100 Could Be Consequence Of Global Changes
How biodiversity is likely to be impacted by several agents of human-caused global change--and global warming and climate change aren't necessarily the principal factors...

Date: 16 Apr 2007, Rating: 1.00

No Chokky for Your Kids? - Why You Should Care About Biodiversity
Imagine a world without chocolate. It could happen. It's the kind of world your children or your grandchildren might grow up in.

Date: 16 Apr 2007, Rating: 6.27

Biodiversity, Soil and Ecologically Sustainable Development
The soil, as the major medium for plant growth, is the basic resource for all land use and development.

Date: 16 Apr 2007, Rating: 7.80

Australia's Biodiversity Contribution to the Search for New Drugs
In the ongoing quest for drug discovery the trend is slowly shifting away from the synthetic chemistry route which has been prevalent over the past two decades.

Date: 16 Apr 2007, Rating: 5.00

Eastern Africa and biodiversity
Eastern Africa’s biological diversity reflects its position astride the equator and the high variability of landscapes and aquatic ecosystems.

Date: 16 Apr 2007, Rating: 2.33