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Protein Biochemistry

Articles on the structure, characteristics, function and mode of action of proteins

Protein Biochemistry Articles

Redesigned protein accelerates blood clotting
Study holds hope for next generation hemophilia treatment

Date: 13 Nov 2007, Rating: not rated

Scientists discover proteins involved in spread of HIV-1 infection
An international team of researchers has identified a family of proteins that are involved in HIV-1 budding from host cells, and are therefore likely to be essential for the spread of the virus.

Date: 17 Jan 2007, Rating: 3.00

Suspect protein found to play protective role in chronic lung disease
A cell surface protein regarded as a potential troublemaker in the lungs plays an unexpected protective role mitigating the damage caused by chronic pulmonary diseases such as asthma.

Date: 16 Jan 2007, Rating: not rated

Researchers Identify A Protein That Could Banish Allergies
News: The suffering of millions of people with allergies could one day be eased thanks to new research from UK investigators.

Date: 16 Aug 2006, Rating: 6.00

Natural Protein Helps Prevent Cancers From Spreading To Other Organs
News: A small protein released by cancer cells can inhibit the growth of secondary tumors in mice and could be used to design new types of anti-cancer drugs, according to Canadian researchers.

Date: 16 Aug 2006, Rating: not rated

A surprising pair of proteins help make healthy eggs
News: Human eggs rely on handmaidens. Called granulosa cells, they surround eggs and deliver nutrients and hormones. Without granulosa cells, eggs cannot mature and be successfully fertilized...

Date: 16 Aug 2006, Rating: 6.00

Mutant proteins may be key to defeat chemical warfare
News: Enzymes - proteins commonly used to speed up chemical reactions - can render chemical warfare agents and insecticides harmless by breaking them apart.

Date: 16 Aug 2006, Rating: not rated

Research Answers Key Question In Biochemistry: How Proteins Fold Into 3-D Structures
News: University of Toronto scientists are helping to answer one of the most important questions in biochemistry, one that has implications for treating neurodegenerative diseases: how do proteins fold into their three-dimensional structures?

Date: 16 Aug 2006, Rating: 1.00