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Plant Production

Articles on Plant Production. This section includes Agronomy, which deals with field crops and the soils in which they grow, and Horticulture, which is concerned with cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants.

Plant Production Articles

Can Organic Cropping Systems Be As Profitable As Conventional Systems?
Which is a better strategy, specializing in one crop or diversified cropping? Is conventional cropping more profitable than organic farming? Is it less risky?

Date: 4 Jan 2010, Rating: 3.40

Organic Crops Impressively Productive When Compared With Conventionally Grown Crops
Can organic cropping systems be as productive as conventional systems? The answer is an unqualified, “Yes” for alfalfa or wheat and a qualified “Yes most of the time” for corn and soybeans

Date: 4 Jan 2010, Rating: 4.00

Preventing Soil Erosion In Continuous Corn
With recent increase in the cost of energy and subsequent explorations into alternative energy sources, the increased harvest of corn residue for cellulosic ethanol production is likely in the future.

Date: 4 Jan 2010, Rating: 3.00

Tillage, Rotation Impacts Peanut Crops
The increasing popularity of reduced tillage on crops has not only been an important development in combating soil erosion, but it has also been associated with increasing organic material and producing high crop yields.

Date: 4 Jan 2010, Rating: not rated

Connectivity Illuminates Risk Of Spread Of Crop Pests, Diseases
The United States is one of the most important crop production areas in the world, so its vulnerability to crop pests is a vital concern.

Date: 4 Jan 2010, Rating: 1.00

Large Reductions In Agricultural Chemical Use Can Still Result In High Crop Yields And Profits
Researchers investigated whether yield, weed suppression, and profit characteristics of low-external-input (LEI) farming systems could match or exceed those of conventional farming systems.

Date: 4 Jan 2010, Rating: not rated

Corn Yield Stability Varies With Rotations, Fertility
Understanding temporal variability in crop yields has implications for sustainable crop production, particularly since greater fluxes in crop yields are projected with global climate change.

Date: 4 Jan 2010, Rating: not rated

Methods of Breaking Seed Dormancy
Various methods have been used by seed scientist and technologists to break the dormancy of seed.A. Scarification, B. Temperature Treatments, C. Light Treatments, D. Treatments with growth regulators & other Chemicals

Date: 24 Nov 2009, Rating: 2.19

Getting plants to rid themselves of pesticide residues
Scientists in China have discovered that a natural plant hormone, applied to crops, can help plants eliminate residues of certain pesticides

Date: 15 Oct 2009, Rating: not rated

Microorganisms for agricultural development
MICROBES are the oldest form of life on earth. These single cell organisms date back more than 3.5 billion years, to a time when the Earth was covered with oceans.

Date: 20 Nov 2008, Rating: 3.31, 4 pages

Key discovered to cold tolerance in corn
Longer growing season, growth in colder regions possible

Date: 7 Sep 2008, Rating: 4.00

Domestication to Crop Improvement: Genetic Resources for Sorghum and Saccharum (Andropogoneae)
This review assesses the genetic gains made by plant breeders since domestication and the progress in the characterization of genetic resources and their utilization in crop improvement for these two related species.

Date: 5 Aug 2008, Rating: 3.40, 8 pages

From Crop Domestication to Super-domestication
Research related to crop domestication has been transformed by technologies and discoveries in the genome sciences as well as information-related sciences that are providing new tools for bioinformatics and systems' biology.

Date: 5 Aug 2008, Rating: 3.60, 12 pages

A new versatile database created for geneticists and breeders to link molecular and phenotypic data in perennial crops: the AppleBreed DataBase
AppleBreed DataBase (DB) aims to store genotypic and phenotypic data from multiple pedigree verified plant populations (crosses, breeding selections and commercial cultivars) so that they are easily accessible for geneticists and breeders.

Date: 3 Aug 2008, Rating: not rated, 14 pages

Silicon sources for rice crop
Although silicon is not an essential nutrient, its application is beneficial for plant growth and development.

Date: 3 Aug 2008, Rating: 2.00, 9 pages

The Generation Challenge Programme Platform: Semantic Standards and Workbench for Crop Science
The Generation Challenge programme is a global crop research consortium directed toward crop improvement through the application of comparative biology and genetic resources characterization to plant breeding.

Date: 3 Aug 2008, Rating: not rated, 7 pages

Mustard - hot stuff for natural pest control
Researchers, growers and Industry specialists from 22 countries will share the latest research into the use of Brassica species, such as mustard, radish, or rapeseed, to manage soil-borne pests and weeds - a technique known as biofumigation.

Date: 30 Jul 2008, Rating: not rated

Organic corn: Increasing rotation complexity increases yields
Scientists compare organic and conventional grain yields and address production challenges in organic cropping systems

Date: 30 Jul 2008, Rating: not rated

'Weed from hell' found in Texas
An infestation of tropical soda apple, a thorny plant on the federal noxious weed list, has been verified on a private ranch here.

Date: 30 Jul 2008, Rating: not rated

Ethanol byproduct produces green results
DDGS could reduce costs to commercial nursery growers

Date: 30 Jul 2008, Rating: not rated