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noun, plural: zygotes

A cell in diploid state following fertilization or union of haploid male sex cell (e.g. sperm) and haploid female sex cell (e.g. ovum).


To be precise, zygote is the term used to refer to the cell as a result of the fusion of two haploid nuclei during fertilization until the first cleavage. When the zygote starts to divide and multiply, it is called an embryo.

Word origin: from Greek zugōtos ‘joined’, from zugoun ‘to join’.

Related forms: zygotic (adjective).

Synonym: zygocyte.
Compare: embryo.
See also: copula, zygogenesis, monozygotic twins, heterozygosity, homozygous.

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... cells are central to three processes in an organism: development, repair of adult tissue and cancer. A. Stem cells in mammalian development The zygote is the ultimate stem cell. It is totipotent with the ability to produce all the cell types of the species including the trophoblast and the embryonic ...

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... for the gametes from the male plant to combine with the gametes of the female plant to produce a fertilized egg. That fertilized egg is called a zygote. A zygote contains genetic information from both parents. For example, a zygote might contain one allele for white flowers and one allele for ...

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By 'compatible' I mean able to form a zygote that results in a fertile , viable offspring. my emphasis

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... recent birth and going backward in time, would one reach a first-to-produce a compatible gamete individual? By 'compatible' I mean able to form a zygote that results in a fertile, viable offspring.

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