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Of bad. [OE. Werse, worse, wurse, AS. Wiersa, wyrsa, a comparative with no corresponding positive; akin to OS. Wirsa, OFries. Wirra, OHG. Wirsiro, Icel. Verri, Sw. Varre, dan. Varre, goth. Wairsiza, and probably to OHG. Werran to bring into confusion, E. War, and L. Verrere to sweep, sweep along. As bad has no comparative and superlative, worse and worst are used in lieu of them, although etymologically they have no relation to bad.

bad, ill, evil, or corrupt, in a greater degree; more bad or evil; less good; specifically, in poorer health; more sick; used both in a physical and moral sense. Or worse, if men worse can devise. (Chaucer) [She] was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse. (mark v. 26) Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse. (2 Tim. Iii. 13) There are men who seem to believe they are not bad while another can be found worse. (Rambler) 'But I love him. Love him? Worse and worse.' (gay)

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... disease because of the predictable effect of the Type H drug which will prevent parts of the immune system from responding to infections. Worse case of course is that an opportunist infection may kill the patient. If the Type H drug is not as effective as intended, if the dose is too low, ...

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What? What the what? Is it possible for Ofek's cohorts to just stop making it worse? Do tell, what might be an ethical reason for calling someone a whore? In any context, much less in a professional context? It is difficult for me to understand how you could have ...

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... to expect a response after the long weekend, but it is not at all smart for biology-online.org to wait that long. SciAm editors made this even worse by deleting the scientist's blog post, and the whole thing has been blowing up on Twitter, Buzzfeed, and plenty of other places. Whether reasonable ...

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Re: Why must we avert the genome of Eden?

... to fit the observations. But then, rather than working out your GOE model and its precise implications, you bash the HGT hypothesis. To make it worse, your argument is a slippery slope. Suggesting frequent HGT for Elysia chlorotica doesn't lead to HGT being frequent for all of domain Eukaryota. ...

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The Himalayan Snowcock in Nevada

... wasp. It might decide to prey on loads of rare and beneficial insects in its new habitat, and once thriving would be impossible to eradicate, worse even than the cane toad. I would however love to see some of our iconic rare species like pandas lemurs gorillas or orangutans placed in the wild, ...

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