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1. To solicit in love; to court. Each, like the Grecian artist, wooes The image he himself has wrought. (prior)

2. To court solicitously; to invite with importunity. Thee, chantress, oft the woods among I woo, to hear thy even song. (milton) I woo the wind That still delays his coming. (bryant)

Origin: OE. Wowen, woen, AS. Wgian, fr. Wh bent, crooked, bad; akin to OS. Wah evil, Goth. Unwahs blameless, Skr. Vac to waver, and perhaps to E. Vaccilate.

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... we care if the answer can be used by theists to support the idea of a creator? If a deity's influence is pushed back to before the big bang, then woo hoo for science. It's somewhere science can not go anyway. I would understand a reaction to a theist claiming that God influences the world via ...

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Book recommendations & advice on a career in biology

Hello, I'm currently in high school and thinking of going into biology when I start attending university next year (woo-hoo!). Do you guys have any recommendations for books? Especially anything in ornithology or genetics would be superb. Advice on a career in biology would also ...

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Question about viruses (particularly hiv)

Sadly, for some reason, Google decided to block page 160-162 from me. But you are right, no conspiracy theory in here. Just a repertoire of all the woo and stupid of alternative medicine that never proved its value beyond placebo at best, and sometimes actively hurt the convert. A great read if ...

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Do AFA bacteria contain chlorophyll?

... more details here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photosynthetic_pigment However the claim that chlorophyll would have any healing power is "woo"le different story. And a quick look at one of the website show me that : - they use an affiliate system that is usually not really the hallmark ...

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the film!

LOL I love the singer in the background.. Peptide bond woo!! Hydroooogeeeenn BOND! Woo!

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Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:36 am
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