Using or doing customarily; accustomed; habituated; used. As he was wont to go. If the ox were wont to push with his horn. (Ex. Xxi. 29)

Origin: For woned, p. P. Of won, wone, to dwell, AS. Wunian; akin to D. Wonen, OS. Wunn, OHG, wonn, G. Wohnen, and AS. Wund, gewuna, custom, habit; orig. Probably, to take pleasure; cf. Icel. Una to dwell, to enjoy, Goth. Wunan to rejoice (in unwunands sad); and akin to Skr. Van to like, to wish. Cf. Wean, Win.

Custom; habit; use; usage. They are . . . To be called out to their military motions, under sky or covert, according to the season, as was the roman wont. (milton) From childly wont and ancient use. (Cowper)

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