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Origin: OE. Wolf, wulf, AS. Wulf; akin to OS. Wulf, D. & G. Wolf, Icel. Ulfr, Sw. Ulf, Dan. Ulv, Goth. Wulfs, Lith. Vilkas, Russ. Volk', L. Lupus, Gr. Lykos, Skr. Vrika; also to Gr. elkein to draw, drag, tear in pieces. Cf. Lupine, Lyceum.

1. (Science: zoology) Any one of several species of wild and savage carnivores belonging to the genus Canis and closely allied to the common dog. The best-known and most destructive species are the European wolf (Canis lupus), the American gray, or timber, wolf (C. Occidentalis), and the prairie wolf, or coyote. Wolves often hunt in packs, and may thus attack large animals and even man.

2. (Science: zoology) One of the destructive, and usually hairy, larvae of several species of beetles and grain moths; as, the bee wolf.

3. Any very ravenous, rapacious, or destructive person or thing; especially, want; starvation; as, they toiled hard to keep the wolf from the door.

4. A white worm, or maggot, which infests granaries.

5. An eating ulcer or sore. Cf. Lupus. If god should send a cancer upon thy face, or a wolf into thy side. (Jer. Taylor)

6. The harsh, howling sound of some of the chords on an organ or piano tuned by unequal temperament. In bowed instruments, a harshness due to defective vibration in certain notes of the scale.

7. A willying machine. Black wolf.

Any one of several species of large]], voracious marine fishes of the genus Anarrhichas, especially the common species (A. Lupus) of Europe and North America. These fishes have large teeth and powerful jaws. Called also catfish, sea cat, sea wolf, stone biter, and swinefish. Wolf net, a kind of net used in fishing, which takes great numbers of fish.

(Science: botany) Wolf's peach, a savage carnivorous marsupial (Thylacinus cynocephalus) native of tasmania; called also tasmanian wolf.

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Is this a wolf??

... NJ it would be awfully far south. I would suggest you call the local wildlife department or animal control and send them the pictures. It isn't a wolf either because that would be very far south or on the run. My guess is its a lost dog. If it is a coyote that has ventured south, the wildlife ...

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Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:34 pm
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Is this a wolf??

... the habits of wildlife. I captured a few photos of what I believed to be a coyote, however there are several people telling me it is a black wolf. I am hoping some of you experts would be able to shed some light on it for me. Thanks so much!! http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af330/33east/58EC4091-908D-4515-976A-EA9935C160FF_zpsygufkqx6.jpg ...

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The smoking gun of the debate: ring species. do they exist?

How ring species proof of macro-evolution? My argument is you can go from single organism with "full genome" (say wolf) to a range of diverse "mutants" (over 300 dog breeds that lost various genes) in relatively short time. Going in the opposite direction (gene acquisition) ...

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Ecological Niche

An ecological niche is the role an organism plays in a community in terms of the habitat it occupies, e.g., both a wolf and the wolf spider are predators. So they occupy the same ecological niche, albeit in a different habitat (even though they can live together in the same area, ...

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Extinction - Raising conservation awareness

Well I'm of opinion that apex predators keep animal populations at an equilibrium. Take the gray wolf as an example and look up Yellowstone Park. Without a natural check to keep grazers from over grazing, plant species die off & the food source of small (little) animals ...

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