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1. Having knowledge; knowing; enlightened; of extensive information; erudite; learned. They are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge. (Jer. Iv. 22)

2. Hence, especially, making due use of knowledge; discerning and judging soundly concerning what is true or false, proper or improper; choosing the best ends and the best means for accomplishing them; sagacious. When clouds appear, wise men put their cloaks. (Shak) From a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation. (2 Tim. Iii. 15)

3. Versed in art or science; skillful; dexterous; specifically, skilled in divination. Fal. There was, mine host, an old fat woman even now with me; but she's gone. Sim. Pray you, sir, was't not the wise woman of Brentford? (Shak)

4. Hence, prudent; calculating; shrewd; wary; subtle; crafty. Thou art . . . No novice, but a governor wily and wise. Nor, on the other side, Will I be penuriously wise As to make money, that's my slave, my idol. (Beau. & Fl) Lords do not care for me: I am too wise to die yet. (Ford)

5. Dictated or guided by wisdom; containing or exhibiting wisdom; well adapted to produce good effects; judicious; discreet; as, a wise saying; a wise scheme or plan; wise conduct or management; a wise determination. Eminent in wise deport. To make it wise, to make it a matter of deliberation. We thought it was not worth to make it wise. . Wise in years, old enough to be wise; wise from age and experience; hence, aged; old. A very grave, state bachelor, my dainty one; He's wise in years, and of a temperate warmth. (Ford) You are too wise in years, too full of counsel, For my green experience. (Ford)

Origin: OE. Wis, AS. Wis; akin to OS. & OFries. Wis, D. Wijs, G. Weise, OHG. Wis, wisi, Icel. Viss, Sw. Vis, Dan. Viis, Goth. Weis; akin to wit, v. I. See Wit, and cf. Righteous, Wisdom.

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... turkmenstan, kazakhs in iran, in European etc. it is generally said among Kazakhs that if you marry above 7 generation saying that your child be wise, strong and heroic person, and said your child will be bestowed with good warm hearts, harmony as the steppe of Kazakh, generous, and good speech-er ...

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Re: Evolution is not Darwinian

... now calling for an extended synthesis or new totally new synthesis. To extrapolate what happens in the prokaryotic world to all of life is not a wise thing to do. I also doubt that many evolutionary biologists think that all evolutionary change occurs at a single, constant rate That is pretty ...

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Genetically engineer starchy plants for biofuel

Roots would not be wise idea, because you!ve need to get them from the soil, clean them etc. Too much extra work.

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by JackBean
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what are the common habitats of mosses?

Mosses are avascular pioneer plants. So they are able to survive even in the harshest of environmental conditions (climatic, shading and soil wise). They tend to prefer acidic soil or substrates to basic ones. One doesn't only find mosses on damp places but also on sites which are very much exposed ...

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Restrction digest on a plasmid--how many fragments?

... I wish to clone into it and then GOI has a EcoRI site at N-terminal and BamHI at C-terminal...so I would cut my GOI with those enzymes, and like wise I would cut pBS with those enzymes (assuming it had those sites)...no my question is, why I cut pBS with the two enzymes, and run a gel..should ...

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