1. A whit; a bit; a jot. She was fallen asleep a little wight. (Chaucer)

2. A supernatural being.

3. A human being; a person, either male or female; now used chiefly in irony or burlesque, or in humorous language. Worst of all wightes. Every wight that hath discretion. (Chaucer) Oh, say me true if thou wert mortal wight. (milton)

Origin: OE. Wight, wiht, a wight, a whit, AS. Wiht, wuht, a creature, a thing; skin to D. Wicht a child, OS. & OHG. Wiht a creature, thing, G. Wicht a creature, Icel. Vaett a wight, vaett a whit, Goth. Waihts, waiht, thing; cf. Russ. Veshche a thing. Cf. Whit.

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