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pl; Wives . [OE. Wif, AS. Wif; akin to OFries. & OS. Wif, D. Wijf, G. Weib, OHG. Wib, Icel. Vif, dan. Viv; and perhaps to Skr. Vip excited, agitated, inspired, vip to tremble, L. Vibrare to vibrate, E. Vibrate. Cf. Tacitus, [ Germania 8]: Inesse quin etiam sanctum aliquid et providum putant, nec aut consilia earum aspernantur aut responsa neglegunt. Cf. Hussy a jade, woman.

1. A woman; an adult female; now used in literature only in certain compounds and phrases, as alewife, fishwife, goodwife, and the like. Both men and wives. On the green he saw sitting a wife. (Chaucer)

2. The lawful consort of a man; a woman who is united to a man in wedlock; a woman who has a husband; a married woman; correlative of husband. The husband of one wife. Let every one you . . . So love his wife even as himself, and the wife see that she reverence her husband. (Eph. V. 33) To give to wife, To take to wife, to give or take (a woman) in marriage. Wife's equity, the equitable right or claim of a married woman to a reasonable and adequate provision, by way of settlement or otherwise, out of her choses in action, or out of any property of hers which is under the jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery, for the support of herself and her children.

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Hello there! So i dont know much about genetics yet, but im very open minded about it. The situation is my father has dark brown hair and he had a wife back then and they made two children but they divorced. Both of the children have ginger hair. My mother has very dark brown hair and my sister ...

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Long ago I gave up wearing or carrying a watch, because they die very quickly. My wife bought a quality pocket watch for me. After a few months the minute hand bent. I returned it and they sent me a new watch. The minute hand bent in it. I have just discovered that ...

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I think it's a 'Nobody Knows'. but if you listen hard to two blackbirds slagging each other off, you pretty soon start hearing things like 'your wife's the ugliest ever!' 'not quite, and yours doesn't know who her father is.' etc. And then they usually end up coming to blows, and will often fight ...

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... No abstract available. http://www.nature.com/nrd/journal/v12/n11/full/nrd4151.html This is an interest of mine, as my wife was involved in development of the compound Sarepta Therapeutics has in clinical trials.

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Dioxin and Heated Bottled Water

... Facebook and I would like to know if it's true or not, and how so. It's been spammed quite a bit lately. "DANGER!!!! LET EVERYONE WHO HAS A WIFE/GIRLFRIEND/ DAUGHTER/ FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES. KNOW PLEASE! Bottled water in your car is very dangerous! On the Ellen show, Sheryl Crow said that ...

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