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To undergo or endure the action of the atmosphere; to suffer meteorological influences; sometimes, to wear away, or alter, under atmospheric influences; to suffer waste by weather. The organisms . . . Seem indestructible, while the hard matrix in which they are imbedded has weathered from around them. (H. Miller)

1. The state of the air or atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wetness or dryness, calm or storm, clearness or cloudiness, or any other meteorological phenomena; meteorological condition of the atmosphere; as, warm weather; cold weather; wet weather; dry weather, etc. Not amiss to cool a man's stomach this hot weather. (Shak) Fair weather cometh out of the north. (job xxxvii. 22)

2. Vicissitude of season; meteorological change; alternation of the state of the air.

3. Storm; tempest. What gusts of weather from that gathering cloud My thoughts presage! (Dryden)

4. A light rain; a shower. Stress of weather, violent winds; force of tempests. To make fair weather, to flatter; to give flattering representations. To make good, or bad, weather See trapdoor. Weather gall. Same as water gall. Weather house, a mechanical contrivance in the form of a house, which indicates changes in atmospheric conditions by the appearance or retirement of toy images. Peace to the artist whose i 1000 ngenious thought Devised the weather house, that useful toy! (Cowper) Weather molding, or Weather moulding, a strip of wood, rubber, or other material, applied to an outer door or window so as to cover the joint made by it with the sill, casings, or threshold, in order to exclude rain, snow, cold air, etc.

Origin: OE. Weder, AS. Weder; akin to OS. Wedar, OFries. Weder, D. Weder, weer, G. Wetter, OHG. Wetar, Icel. Vethr, Dan. Veir, Sw. Vader wind, air, weather, and perhaps to OSlav. Vedro fair weather; or perhaps to Lith. Vetra storm, Russ. Vieter', vietr', wind, and E. Wind. Cf. Wither.

1. To expose to the air; to air; to season by exposure to air. [An eagle] soaring through his wide empire of the air To weather his broad sails. (Spenser) This gear lacks weathering. (Latimer)

2. Hence, to sustain the trying effect of; to bear up against and overcome; to sustain; to endure; to resist; as, to weather the storm. For I can weather the roughest gale. (Longfellow) You will weather the difficulties yet. (F. W. Robertson)

3. To sail or pass to the windward of; as, to weather a cape; to weather another ship.

4. (Science: veterinary) To place (a hawk) unhooded in the open air. To weather a point.

To pass a point of land, leaving it on the lee side. Hence, to gain or accomplish anything against opposition. To weather out, to encounter successfully, though with difficulty; as, to weather out a storm.

Origin: Weathered; Weathering.

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