1. An advancing ridge or swell on the surface of a liquid, as of the sea, resulting from the oscillatory motion of the particles composing it when disturbed by any force their position of rest; an undulation. The wave behind impels the wave before. (pope)

2. (Science: physics) A vibration propagated from particle to particle through a body or elastic medium, as in the transmission of sound; an assemblage of vibrating molecules in all phases of a vibration, with no phase repeated; a wave of vibration; an undulation. See Undulation.

3. Water; a body of water. Deep drank lord Marmion of the wave. Build a ship to save thee from the flood, I 'll furnish thee with fresh wave, bread, and wine. (Chapman)

4. Unevenness; inequality of surface.

5. A waving or undulating motion; a signal made with the hand, a flag, etc.

6. The undulating line or streak of luster on cloth watered, or calendered, or on damask steel.

7. A swelling or excitement of thought, feeling, or energy; a tide; as, waves of enthusiasm.

(Science: physics) Wave front See undulatory theory, under Undulatory.

Origin: From Wave,; not the same word as OE. Wawe, waghe, a wave, which is akin to E. Wag to move. See Wave.

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