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1. (chemistry) a chemical substance, with chemical formula H2O, that is clear, colorless, oderless, and tasteless liquid that may also occur in various forms such as gas (water vapour) and solid (ice).

Water is regarded as the universal solvent primarily due to its chemical and physical properties. It is one of the substances essential to life. Biomolecules (DNA, proteins, polysaccharides, etc.) are dissolved in water. It is also one of the requirements for photosynthesis. Some of its properties are described as follows:

2. (chemistry) an aqueous solution of a substance, for example ammonia water, waste water

3. a body of water, like sea, rivers and lakes, and a naturally-occurring water like mineral water

4. amniotic fluid, as in the pregnant woman’s water breaks


1. to pour water; to make wet

2. to provide with water; to irrigate

3. to dilute

3. to discharge fluid; (colloquial) to urinate

4. to fill the eyes with tears

5. to salivate in anticipation of food

Word origin: From Old English wæter, from Proto-Germanic *wat-, from heteroclitic r/n-stem Proto-Indo-European *wódr̥ (genitive *wednós (“‘of water’”)). Cognates include German Wasser, Dutch water, Irish uisce, Russian вода (voda), Latin unda and Lithuanain vanduo.

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