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1. That which warrants or authorises; a commission giving authority, or justifying the doing of anything; an act, instrument, or obligation, by which one person authorises another to do something which he has not otherwise a right to do; an act or instrument investing one with a right or authority, and thus securing him from loss or damage; commission; authority. Specifically:

A writing which authorises a person to receive money or other thing.

A precept issued by a magistrate authorising an officer to make an arrest, a seizure, or a search, or do other acts incident to the administration of justice.

(Science: astronomy) An official certificate of appointment issued to an officer of lower rank than a commissioned officer. See Warrant officer, below.

2. That which vouches or insures for anything; guaranty; security. I give thee warrant of thy place. (Shak) His worth is warrant for his welcome hither. (Shak)

3. That which attests or proves; a voucher.

4. Right; legality; allowance. Bench warrant.

A special warrant from the crown, authorising a party to appoint an attorney to sue or defend for him. A special authority given by a party to his attorney to commence a suit, or to appear and defend a suit in his behalf. This warrant is now disused.

Origin: OE. Warant, OF. Warant a warrant, a defender, protector, F. Garant, originally a p. Pr. Pf German origin, fr. OHG. Weren to grant, warrant, G. Gewahren; akin to OFries. Wera. Cf. Guarantee.

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