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1. To communicate a moderate degree of heat to; to render warm; to supply or furnish heat to; as, a stove warms an apartment. Then shall it [an ash tree] be for a man to burn; for he will take thereof and warm himself. (isa. Xliv 15) Enough to warm, but not enough to burn. (Longfellow)

2. To make engaged or earnest; to interest; to engage; to excite ardor or zeal; to enliven. I formerly warmed my head with reading controversial writings. (pope) Bright hopes, that erst bosom warmed. (Keble)

Origin: AS. Wearmian. See Warm.

1. Having heat in a moderate degree; not cold as, warm milk. Whose blood is warm within. Warm and still is the summer night. (Longfellow)

2. Having a sensation of heat, especially. Of gentle heat; glowing.

3. Subject to heat; having prevalence of heat, or little or no cold weather; as, the warm climate of egypt.

4. Not cool, indifferent, lukewarm, or the like, in spirit or temper; zealous; ardent; fervent; excited; sprightly; irritable; excitable. Mirth, and youth, and warm desire! (milton) Each warm wish springs mutual from the heart. (pope) They say he's warm man and does not care to be mad mouths at. (Addison) I had been none of the warmest of partisans. (Hawthor)

5. Violent; vehement; furious; excited; passionate; as, a warm contest; a warm debate. Welcome, daylight; we shall have warm work on't. (Dryden)

6. Being well off as to property, or in good circumstances; forehanded; rich. Warm householders, every one of them. (W. Irving) You shall have a draft upon him, payable at sight: and let me tell you he as warm a man as any within five miles round him. (goldsmith)

7. In children's games, being near the object sought for; hence, being close to the discovery of some person, thing, or fact concealed. Here, indeed, young Mr. Dowse was getting warm, children say at blindman's buff. (black)

8. Having yellow or red for a basis, or in their composition; said of colours, and opposed to cold which is of blue and its compounds.

Synonym: Ardent, zealous, fervent, glowing, enthusiastic, cordial, keen, violent, furious, hot.

Origin: AS. Wearm; akin to OS, OFries, D, & G. Warm, Icel. Varmr, Sw. & Dan. Varm, Goth. Warmjan to warm; probably akin to Lith. Virti to cook, boil; or perhaps to Skr. Gharma heat, OL. Formus warm.

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