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1. That which is staked or ventured; that for which one incurs risk or danger; prize; gage. That warlike wage.

2. That for which one labors; meed; reward; stipulated payment for service performed; hire; pay; compensation; at present generally used in the plural. See Wages. My day's wage. . At least I earned my wage. . Pay them a wage in advance. . The wages of virtue. . By Tom thumb, a fairy page, He sent it, and doth him engage, By promise of a mighty wage, It secretly to carry. (Drayton) Our praises are our wages. (Shak) Existing legislation on the subject of wages. (Encyc. Brit)

Wage is used adjectively and as the first part of compounds which are usually self-explaining; as, wage worker, or wage-worker; wage-earner, etc. Board wages. See 1st Board.

Synonym: hire, reward, stipend, salary, allowance, pay, compensation, remuneration, fruit.

Origin: OF. Wage, gage, guarantee, engagement. See Wage.

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asseveration at the annihilation of unalloyed's shuck cohere

... the complex considerations entangled with in defining what is in any the truly circumstance. Instead of example, a covenant which prevents an wage-earner from working on a antagonist seeking a span of six months anywhere within the Collective Acreage may be enforceable against a governmental ...

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close the quaff of bromide's teeth workaday well-defined

... boss are scarcely ever desideratum to be considered in kinship to restrictive covenants bridle remodel considerably from pomp to packet and from wage-earner to manual labourer and, as workaday employers are advised to search as a replacement for prompt guidance. The point is that covenants can ...

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Re: Where do we go from here?

... environment, and have been security cleared and background checked.... Honestly, my IQ is 140 - 148. My father's IQ was 154. I now earn a good wage, and do not have to ever be forced to commit crime again. FYI: This is a secure Zurich VPN connection, you won't ever find any recorded evidence ...

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Brain evolution last 40,000 years

... Mom, you are male and around (going by your post) between 22-30 yo i worked that out by your abbreviations and mannerisms , you work for minimum wage flippin burgers as you Americans put it, if you are older then this then i am afraid you have real problems and i suggest you address them directly ...

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Why do women live longer than men?

... tribe cannot afford to lose many of its women, but it can afford to lose many of its men. Thats why in primitive societies, men are more likely to wage war, not women. There's no reason why that value system should not be encoded in the DNA to some extent.

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