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1. (Science: chemistry) A bright red pigment consisting of mercuric sulphide, obtained either from the mineral cinnabar or artificially. It has a fine red colour, and is much used in colouring sealing wax, in printing, etc.

The kermes insect has long been used for dyeing red or scarlet. It was formerly known as the worm dye, vermiculus, or vermiculum, and the cloth was called vermiculatia. Hence came the french vermeil for any red dye, and hence the modern name vermilion, although the substance it denotes is very different from the kermes, being a compound of mercury and sulphur.

2. Hence, a red colour like the pigment; a lively and brilliant red; as, cheeks of vermilion.

Origin: F. Vermillon. See Vermeil.

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genetic homework help. Thanks

... Part A) according to the given informations: wildtype = brick red eyes = red + brown vermillion = red and lacks off brown; therefore to be vermilion individual must be either X^v X^v Bb or X^v Y B_ Brown = lacks of red and bb; therefore X^+ X^+ bb or X^+Y bb white= lacks of both red and ...

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Sex linked characteristic

Vermilion eyes is a sex-linked recessive characteristic in fruit flies. If a female having vermilion eyes is crossed with a wild-type male, what percentage of the F1 males will have vermilion eyes??? I am given the answer ...

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Effect of pH on amylase activity

... the dextrine is fully degraded into maltose by the enzyme. After that, you can test the presence of maltose by doing Benedict's test. Green to vermilion color followed by sedimentation of Cu2O is an indication of maltose presencee since it's a reducing sugar. Well, at least that's for the qualitative ...

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