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(1) (anatomy) Pertaining to the abdomen, belly, or venter

(2) (anatomy) Relating to, situated on, or directed toward the belly surface

(3) (anatomy) Denoting a position or region situated or close to the anterior

(4) (botany) Adaxial; relating to the region facing the axis; pertaining to the lower or inner surface of a plant organ


Word origin: Latin ventrālis, from venter (belly, abdomen)


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... here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Human_anatomy_planes.svg You will see that you will need Transverse section in order to see both Dorsal and Ventral anything. For the second one it probably would depend on the shape of the cavity, so I would choose Midsagital, because it divides equally.

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Does anyone know the answer to this question? In what type of section is it possible to observe both dorsal and ventral cavities in the same section? __________ and __________ Terms: midsagittal, frontal, transverse, parasagittal, and sagittal

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... located within a 'gnathal pouch'), wingless hexapods with antennae always present. Most but not all Collembola may be recognised by a posterior ventral forked abdominal appendage, the furca

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... associated with skeletal system structures ----------2)ALways formed of simple squamous epithelium ----------3)Two membrane types not found in the ventral body cavity ----------4)The only membrane type in which goblets cells are found ----------5)"Wet"membranes -----------6)Adapted for ...

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... of the 10th cranial (vagus) nerve arise from two different sites in the medulla oblongata. Neurons that slow heart rate arise from a part of the ventral medulla called the nucleus ambiguus, while those that control functions of the gastrointestinal tract arise from the dorsal vagal nucleus. After ...

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