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1. A fabulous animal with one horn; the monoceros; often represented in heraldry as a supporter.

2. A two-horned animal of some unknown kind, so called in the Authorised version of the Scriptures. Canst thou bind the unicorn with his band in the furrow? (job xxxix. 10)

The unicorn mentioned in the Scripture was probably the urus. See the note under reem.

3. (Science: zoology) Any large beetle having a hornlike prominence on the head or prothorax. The larva of a unicorn moth.

4. (Science: zoology) The kamichi.

Synonym: unicorn bird.

5. A howitzer.

(Science: medicine) fossil unicorn, or Fossil unicorn's horn, a notodontian moth (Coelodasys unicornis) whose caterpillar has a prominent horn on its back; called also unicorn prominent.

(Science: botany) Unicorn root, any one of several species of marine gastropods having a prominent spine on the lip of the shell. most of them belong to the genera monoceros and Leucozonia.

Origin: OE. Unicorne, F. Unicorne, L. Unicornis one-horned, having a single horn; unus one _ cornu a horn; cf. L. Unicornuus a unicorn. See One, and Horn.

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... with the listed genotypes for two co-dominant coat colour alleles were crossed: Male A1A2, Female A1A2 Did that question pertain to an eastern unicorn, or western?

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