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1. The act of twisting; a contortion; a flexure; a convolution; a bending. Not the least turn or twist in the fibres of any one animal which does not render them more proper for that particular animal's way of life than any other cast or texture. (Addison)

2. The form given in twisting. [He] shrunk at first sight of it; he found fault with the length, the thickness, and the twist. (Arbuthnot)

3. That which is formed by twisting, convoluting, or uniting parts. Specifically:

A cord, thread, or anything flexible, formed by winding strands or separate things round each other.

A kind of closely twisted, strong sewing silk, used by tailors, saddlers, and the like.

A kind of cotton yarn, of several varieties.

A roll of twisted dough, baked.

A little twisted roll of tobacco.

One of the threads of a warp, usually more tightly twisted than the filling.

A material for gun barrels, consisting of iron and steel twisted and welded together; as, damascus twist.

The spiral course of the rifling of a gun barrel or a cannon.

A beverage made of brandy and gin.

4. [OE.; so called as being a two-forked branch. See Twist] A twig. Gain twist, or Gaining twist, a twist of which the spiral course has an equal pitch throughout.

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fiber/hair moving thru water

... hair) is the general name for rigidly twisted hair. The twisting of the hair fiber occurs at focal points along its length. There may be several twists in one hair fiber. In this hair shaft disorder the cuticle layer remains intact and is not stripped away as in Trichorrhexis nodosa. But the ...

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DNA 3' end & 5' end

... orienting in opposite directions (3' -> 5' and 5' -> 3'). It looks to me that the double DNA is symmetric in two directions, so why it again twists itself in only one direction of the clock, but not the other way around? And apart from the twisting structure, is there any other asymmetry ...

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Re: Theories - Origin of Life

... only at a special incentive-team. And - "Cambrian explosion"? Also a consequence of some of the early Cambrian paleo-civilization! Twists in the caste society with a global division of labor morphological polymorphism ... Then different castes in a separate race, species. :wink: ...

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... that are neutral.We have a nose for a reason, and thats to breath through, the reason it has all of the hairs and mucosa along with intolerable twists and turns is to clean the air we breath. Those who breath through the mouth and choke are simply breathing incorrectly. The fact that the epiglotus ...

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Re: Probability of a given mutation

DNA is not a long straight chain, it twists and turns, depending on the sequence of base pairs (codons), and as a result, some areas of the DNA are more prone to mutation than others. That means that if there are a number of different ways ...

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