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1. To lay in a cross direction; to cross. The parts should be often traversed, or crossed, by the flowing of the folds. (Dryden)

2. To cross by way of opposition; to thwart with obstacles; to obstruct; to bring to naught. I can not but . . . Admit the force of this reasoning, which I yet hope to traverse. (Sir W. Scott)

3. To wander over; to cross in traveling; as, to traverse the habitable globe. What seas you traversed, and what fields you fought. (pope)

4. To pass over and view; to survey carefully. My purpose is to traverse the nature, principles, and properties of this detestable vice ingratitude. (south)

5. To turn to the one side or the other, in order to point in any direction; as, to traverse a cannon.

6. To plane in a direction across the grain of the wood; as, to traverse a board.

7. To deny formally, as what the opposite party has alleged. When the plaintiff or defendant advances new matter, he avers it to be true, and traverses what the other party has affirmed. To traverse an indictment or an office is to deny it. And save the expense of long litigious laws, Where suits are traversed, and so little won That he who conquers is but last undone. (Dryden) To traverse a yard, to brace it fore and aft.

Origin: Cf. F. Traverser. See Traverse.

1. Anything that traverses, or crosses. Specifically:

Something that thwarts, crosses, or obstructs; a cross accident; as, he would have succeeded, had it not been for unlucky traverses not under his [[contr e96 ol]].

A barrier, sliding door, movable screen, curtain, or the like. Men drinken and the travers draw anon. (Chaucer) And the entrance of the king, The first traverse was drawn. (F. Beaumont) A gallery or loft of communication from side to side of a church or other large building.

A work thrown up to intercept an enfilade, or reverse fire, along exposed passage, or line of work.

A formal denial of some matter of fact alleged by the opposite party in any stage of the pleadings. The technical words introducing a traverse are absque hoc, without this; that is, without this which follows.

The zigzag course or courses made by a ship in passing from one place to another; a compound course.

(Science: geometry) A line lying across a figure or other lines; a transversal.

A line surveyed across a plot of ground.

The turning of a gun so as to make it point in any desired direction.

2. A turning; a trick; a subterfuge. To work, or solve, a traverse A platform with one or more tracks, and arranged to move laterally on wheels, for shifting cars, etc, from one line of track to another.

Origin: F. Traverse. See Traverse.

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