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1. That which is worthless or useless; rubbish; refuse. Who steals my purse steals trash. (Shak) A haunch of venison would be trash to a brahmin. (Landor)

2. Especially, loppings and leaves of trees, bruised sugar cane, or the like.

In the west Indies, the decayed leaves and stems of canes are called field trash; the bruised or macerated rind of canes is called cane trash; and both are called trash.

3. A worthless person. (Shak)

4. A collar, leash, or halter used to restrain a dog in pursuing game. Trash ice, crumbled ice mixed with water.

Origin: Cf. Icel. Tros rubbish, leaves, and twigs picked up for fuel, trassi a slovenly fellow, Sw. Trasa a rag, tatter.

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... not genetically the same as domestic. Besides, you cannot judge the wild dog survival skills as long as there is a constant source of food - human trash. They do not need to hunt the prey to survive. So, your guess is as good as mine how many of them will survive if they have to compete with wolves ...

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... metal that stays full of water most of the time. It has been sitting in my yard for about 2 years now. At one time someone used the barrel to burn trash. The other place was a near by very small pond that cows drink water from. I felt the urge to go check out that water after reading about amoeba's. ...

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... that I do have M. luteus on my nutrient agar. I saw some pink for gram+ but the shape was off( very irregular) and don't know if it was just some trash on the slide. I also saw something that could be bacili in shape or maybe it was something I messed up while preparing the smear and stainging. ...

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... structure of polyurethane, I can predict that not only my slice of foam will stay intact, but it will also “adapt” its shape to the shape of the trash it’s squeezed against inside, whatever that may end up to be. You take that embedded “plasticity” that took us from a cosmic dot to Precambrian ...

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The ability of your body to process trash, including toxic trash, is a pervasive factor in your ability to lose weight and reach a healthy goal weight. Struggling with this issue activates back-up strategies for dealing with toxic overload ...

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