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(Science: geology) An old term rather loosely used to designate various dark-coloured, heavy igneous rocks, including especially the feldspathic-augitic rocks, basalt, dolerite, amygdaloid, etc, but including also some kinds of diorite. Called also trap rock. Trap tufa, Trap tuff, a kind of fragmental rock made up of fragments and earthy materials from trap rocks.

Origin: Sw. Trapp; akin to trappa stairs, Dan. Trappe, G. Treppe, D. Trap; so called because the rocks of this class often occur in large, tabular masses, rising above one another, like steps. See Tramp.

1. A machine or contrivance that shuts suddenly, as with a spring, used for taking game or other animals; as, a trap for foxes. She would weep if that she saw a mouse Caught in a trap. (Chaucer)

2. A snare; an ambush; a stratagem; any device by which one may be caught unawares. Let their table be made a snare and a trap. (Rom. Xi. 9) God and your majesty Protect mine innocence, or I fall into The trap is laid for me! (Shak)

3. A wooden instrument shaped somewhat like a shoe, used in the game of trapball. It consists of a pivoted arm on one end of which is placed the ball to be thrown into the air by striking the other end. Also, a machine for throwing into the air glass balls, clay pigeons, etc, to be shot at.

4. The game of trapball.

5. A bend, sag, or partitioned chamber, in a drain, soil pipe, sewer, etc, arranged so that the liquid contents form a seal which prevents passage of air or gas, but permits the flow of liquids.

6. A place in a water pipe, pump, etc, where air accumulates for want of an outlet.

7. A wagon, or other vehicle.

8. A kind of movable stepladder. Trap stairs, a staircase leading to a trapdoor.

(Science: botany) Trap tree the jack; so called because it furnishes a kind of birdlime. See 1st Jack.

Origin: OE. Trappe, AS. Treppe; akin to OD.trappe, OHG. Trapo; probably fr. The root of E. Tramp, as that which is trod upon: cf. F. Trappe, which is trod upon: cf. F. Trappe, which perhaps influenced the English word.

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