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noun, plural: tests

(1) An examination or evaluation.

(2) (zoology) The external, protective shell, covering or exoskeleton of certain organisms (as that of some echinoderms, amoebas, dinoflagellates, etc).

(3) (botany) Testa, i.e. the outer covering of the seed coat.

(4) (chemistry) (1) A procedure applied to determine the presence or properties of a constituent of a substance, usually by evaluating the physical or chemical changes with the introduction of a reagent; (2) the reagent used.

(5) (psychology) A set of standardized questions or exercises to determine, evaluate or measure the skill, knowledge, intelligence, aptitude, trait or personality of an individual.

(6) (pathology) A screening, such as in determining the presence of an infection, disease or disorder.

(7) A means or method to evaluate or assess, such as the presence, quality, state, accuracy, effectiveness or truth of something.

(7) A trial, especially in finding out about something.


(1) To screen, examine or evaluate.

(2) To experiment.

(3) To put to the test.

(4) To undergo a test

(5) To find proof; prove.


In zoology, a test pertains to the shell of sea urchins and other microorganisms (e.g. testate amoebas, dinoflagellates, foraminiferans, etc).

Word origin: from Latin testū, testum; from Latin testa (tile, shell, covering).

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