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1. The exterior part of anything that has length and breadth; one of the limits that bound a solid, especially. The upper face; superficies; the outside; as, the surface of the earth; the surface of a diamond; the surface of the body. The bright surface of this ethereous mold. (milton)

2. Hence, outward or external appearance. Vain and weak understandings, which penetrate no deeper than the surface. (V. Knox)

3. (Science: geometry) A magnitude that has length and breadth without thickness; superficies; as, a plane surface; a spherical surface.

4. That part of the side which is terminated by the flank prolonged, and the angle of the nearest bastion. Caustic surface, heating surface, etc. See Caustic, Heating, etc. Surface condensation, Surface condenser. See Condensation, and Condenser. Surface gauge, a plate having an accurately dressed flat surface, used as a standard of flatness by which to test other surfaces. Surface printing, printing from a surface in relief, as from type, in distinction from plate printing, in which the ink is contained in engraved lines.

Origin: F. See Sur-, and Face, and cf. Superficial.

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... Men-to-men does not require lesions, although this was thought to be true - it turns out that the virus can move through some of the rectal surfaces.

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... are infrequently encountered; HIV may be encountered daily by individuals at high risk. Most vaccines protect against infections through mucosal surfaces of the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract; the great majority of HIV infection is through the genital tract. HIV structure The epitopes ...

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... the things you've mentioned. I read about heat-fixing not long ago and that worked with what I've done so far (a couple of bacterial samples from surfaces around the house). I also feel quite fancy heat-fixing specimens. ;)

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... and is directly cytolytic on its own (via membrane attack complex). Bacteria with capsules resist attachment of complement to their cellular surfaces, and can evade these mechanisms of the host immune system. However, the bacterial polysaccharide is directly antigenic, so antibody response ...

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... shocks (quite a number at that), however they don't have the conditions sufficient (I.E. they don't have nylon and wool or typical transferrent surfaces that charge it) to generate the negative ions, suggesting an unconventional system. After hearing a number of similar cases I concluded it ...

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