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To support with provisions; to feed; to maintain; as, to subsist one's family. He laid waste the adjacent country in order to render it more difficult for the enemy to subsist their army. (Robertson)

1. To be; to have existence; to inhere. And makes what happiness we justly call, Subsist not in the good of one, but all. (pope)

2. To continue; to retain a certain state. Firm we subsist, yet possible to swerve. (milton)

3. To be maintained with food and clothing; to be supported; to live. To subsist on other men's charity. (Atterbury)

Origin: L. Subsistere to stand still, stay, remain alive; sub under _ sistere to stand, to cause to stand, from stare to stand: cf. F. Subsister. See Stand.

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... being dumb and trying to help but instead dying and accumulating at the site. You could argue that, oh that's because we weren't designed to subsist on high fat diets. Engineers would tell you that's a lack of foresight. High rise buildings routinely use structural components designed to ...

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... us, like you, feel desperately lost without an ID (Inteligent Design) or without "everything being shaped by...something". You need to subsist under some form of Providence. Your peace of mind and your reflective elation are founded on a feeling that your existence is purposed towards ...

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... pool and a biological resource, that sometime in the future, it will be discovered that enzymes in their system can be used so that humans can subsist solely in bamboos, er I mean leaves. Well you know what I mean, aside from being cute, pandas symbolize our personal commitment to nature even ...

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Nice catch!!! Here's the vegetarian's argument: we can subsist on plant diet without resorting to violence.

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