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noun, plural: stromata

(1) (cell biology) The spongy, colorless matrix of a cell that functionally supports the cell.

(2) (anatomy) The supporting framework of an organ, a gland or other structure, usually composed of connective tissue cells, as distinguished from the parenchyma cells or tissues performing the special function of the organ or bodily part.

(3) (botany) The matrix of the chloroplast which is a thick fluid in between grana where various enzymes, molecules and ions are found, and where the dark reaction (or carbohydrate formation reactions) of photosynthesis occurs.

(4) (mycology) A compact, somatic mass of tissue producing fruiting bodies, and made up of asexual hyphae.


Word origin: Late Latin strĊma, mattress, covering, from Greek, bed.
Related forms: stromal (adjective)

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Re: holographic origin of life

... might also reflect this fact. There are many discoveries regarding the complex interactions between the DNA of cancerous cells and the surrounding stroma. DNA alone cannot be the sole culprit. This can explain the limited success of newer molecular therapies till the present moment. Additionally, ...

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... of energy by ATPase. One can thing about it as being flipped (inside-out) in comparison to mitochondria or as analogy with cristae being stroma. One more thing that came to my mind. RuBISCO is activated by increase of Mg2+ concentration. I'm not sure how this proceeds, as it was always ...

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A question about stroma

Can anyone help me to solve this question? -if we sever stroma from a plant cell,(with the assumption that acidic environment will not botch the stroma) then enter it to an acidic solution(ph=4) and then enter it to a basic solution(ph=8) .what may be ...

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Photosynthesis question...

Splitting water releases two electrons and two protons. The electrons are used to transport the protons from the stroma to the thylakoid space. The molecules that transport protons are specific cytochromes in the electron transport chain. This proton gradient is used to synthesize ...

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Photosynthesis question...

Energy from the electrons is used by the molecules in the electron transport chain to transport positive H ions from the stroma into the inner thylakoid space.Is this molecule NADP?and where do they get the positive H ion from?Thanks in advance!

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Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:35 am
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