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1. One who is strange, foreign, or unknown. Specifically:

One who comes from a foreign land; a foreigner. I am a most poor woman and a stranger, born out of your dominions. (Shak)

One whose home is at a distance from the place where he is, but in the same country.

One who is unknown or unacquainted; as, the gentleman is a stranger to me; hence, one not admitted to communication, fellowship, or acquaintance. Melons on beds of ice are taught to bear, And strangers to the sun yet ripen here. (Granville) My child is yet a stranger in the world. (Shak) I was no stranger to the original. (Dryden)

2. One not belonging to the family or household; a guest; a visitor. To honor and receive Our heavenly stranger. (milton)

3. One not privy or party an act, contract, or title; a mere intruder or intermeddler; one who interferes without right; as, actual possession of land gives a good title against a stranger having no title; as to strangers, a mortgage is considered merely as a pledge; a mere stranger to the levy.

Origin: OF. Estrangier, F. Etranger. See Strange.

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