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Origin: OE. Straight, streit, OF. Estreit, estroit. See Strait, a.

1. A narrow pass or passage. He brought him through a darksome narrow strait To a broad gate all built of beaten gold. (Spenser) Honor travels in a strait so narrow Where one but goes abreast. (Shak)

2. (Science: geography) Specifically: A (comparatively) narrow passageway connecting two large bodies of water; often in the plural; as, the strait, or straits, of Gibraltar; the straits of Magellan; the strait, or straits, of Mackinaw. We steered directly through a large outlet which they call a strait, though it be fifteen miles broad. (De Foe)

3. A neck of land; an isthmus. A dark strait of barren land. (Tennyson)

4. A condition of narrowness or restriction; doubt; distress; difficulty; poverty; perplexity; sometimes in the plural; as, reduced to great straits. For I am in a strait betwixt two. (Phil. I. 23) Let no man, who owns a providence, grow desperate under any calamity or strait whatsoever. (south) Ulysses made use of the pretense of natural infirmity to conceal the straits he was in at that time in his thoughts. (Broome)

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... organic aa's and it has 10 atoms. So it's conceivable that hemeglobin has 3000 atoms. Even with if all the atoms were like CO2 which is polar and strait all the atoms could bond with each other in a straight line with H bonded on the side of carbon or nitrogen. The point is that even if you took ...

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... to exist between Bougainville and Choiseul. "There is an affinity along the lines of Bougainville - Choiseul, separated by the Bougainville strait, in which the faunal differences are relatively distinct (faunal differences 86%)" (Green/Slade,1968). Other animals show a size differential ...

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... once in a year I may have a glass. I really get an instant headache if I try this now. Also milk chocolate if I eat the tiniest nibble it goes strait to my head. I was able for a time to eat semi sweet dark chocolate morsels a small amount without gettinf a headache, but now I can no longer ...

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Well why not order few antibiotics and e coli and try to grow them in medium and different doses of antibiotics. And compare the result. Strait enough

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