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Origin: OF. Estore, estoree, built, erected, p.p. Of estorer to build, restore, to store. See Store.

A set of rooms on the same floor or level; a floor, or the space between two floors. Also, a horizontal division of a building's exterior considered architecturally, which need not correspond exactly with the stories within.

Alternative forms: storey.

A story comprehends the distance from one floor to another; as, a story of nine or ten feet elevation. The spaces between floors are numbered in order, from below upward; as, the lower, second, or third story; a house of one story, of two stories, of five stories. Story post, a vertical post used to support a floor or superincumbent wall.

1. A narration or recital of that which has occurred; a description of past events; a history; a statement; a record. One malcontent who did indeed get a name in story. (barrow) Venice, with its unique city and its Impressive story. (ed. Rev) The four great monarchies make the subject of ancient story. (Sir W. Temple)

2. The relation of an incident or minor event; a short narrative; a tale; especially, a fictitious narrative less elaborate than a novel; a short romance.

3. A euphemism or child's word for a lie; a fib; as, to tell a story.

Origin: OE. Storie, OF. Estoire, F. Histoire, fr. L. Historia. See History.

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