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1. (Science: zoology) Any sharp organ of offense and defense, especially when connected with a poison gland, and adapted to inflict a wound by piercing; as the caudal sting of a scorpion. The sting of a bee or wasp is a modified ovipositor. The caudal sting, or spine, of a sting ray is a modified dorsal fin ray. The term is sometimes applied to the fang of a serpent.

2. (Science: botany) A sharp-pointed hollow hair seated on a gland which secrets an acrid fluid, as in nettles. The points of these hairs usually break off in the wound, and the acrid fluid is pressed into it.

3. Anything that gives acute pain, bodily or mental; as, the stings of remorse; the stings of reproach. The sting of death is sin. (1 cor. Xv. 56)

4. The thrust of a sting into the flesh; the act of stinging; a wound inflicted by stinging. The lurking serpent's mortal sting.

5. A goad; incitement.

6. The point of an epigram or other sarcastic saying.

(Science: medicine) Sting moth, a spinose marine univalve shell of the genus murex, as the European species (Murex erinaceus).

Origin: AS. Sting a sting. See Sting. An organ present in some organisms that produces poisonous substances usually as a means of defense.

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