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1. Not easily bent; not flexible or pliant; not limber or flaccid; rigid; firm; as, stiff wood, paper, joints. [They] rising on stiff pennons, tower The mid aerial sky. (milton)

2. Not liquid or fluid; thick and tenacious; inspissated; neither soft nor hard; as, the paste is stiff.

3. Firm; strong; violent; difficult to oppose; as, a stiff gale or breeze.

4. Not easily subdued; unyielding; stubborn; obstinate; pertinacious; as, a stiff adversary. It is a shame to stand stiff in a foolish argument. (Jer. Taylor) A war ensues: the Cretans own their cause, Stiff to defend their hospitable laws. (Dryden)

5. Not natural and easy; formal; constrained; affected; starched; as, stiff behavior; a stiff style. The french are open, familiar, and talkative; the Italians stiff, ceremonious, and reserved. (Addison)

6. Harsh; disagreeable; severe; hard to bear. This is stiff news.

7. Bearing a press of canvas without careening much; as, a stiff vessel; opposed to crank.

8. Very large, strong, or costly; powerful; as, a stiff charge; a stiff price. Stiff neck, a condition of the neck such that the head can not be moved without difficulty and pain.

Synonym: Rigid, inflexible, strong, hardly, stubborn, obstinate, pertinacious, harsh, formal, constrained, affected, starched, rigorous.

Origin: OE. Stif, AS. Stif; akin to D. Stijf, G. Steif, 434 Dan. Stiv, Sw. Styf, Icel. Stifr, Lith. Stipti to be stiff; cf. L. Stipes a post, trunk of a tree, stipare to press, compress. Cf. Costive, Stifle, Stipulate, Stive to stuff.

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Re: Questions about Connective Tissue

... stretching. They are resistant to having fibers pulled apart. They are flexible in the sense that they can be bent, turned, and rotated unlike a stiff firm bone. 2) Yes. 3) Yes. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/dvdy.20603/full 4) I believe so.

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by daniel.kurz
Wed Nov 16, 2011 2:20 pm
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Questions about Connective Tissue

... The reason I am asking this is because my textbook says that "Collagen fibers are very strong and resist pulling forces, but they are not stiff, which allows tissues flexibility." However, my notes say "Collagen fibers are resistant to stretching." Don't these two quotes ...

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by reyrey389
Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:34 am
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Kinesin- which of the following are true?

1. kinesin has a low processivity 2. kinesin molecules have a stiff neck region between the globular head and the tail. 3. each kinesin head has a tubuli-binding site and a nucleotide-binding site. 4. kinesin's cargo binds to the light chains of the kinesin ...

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Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:21 pm
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Re: Cadherins

... Only extracellular calcium is required. Here's why: http://www.ks.uiuc.edu/Research/cadherin/ Basically without bound calcium the cadherin is not stiff enough. My question revolves around what happens if you chelate extracellular calcium with EDTA or citrate. Does that inhibit the action of cadherins ...

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by MrMistery
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Vertebrates and invertebrates

a vertebrate is any animal with a stiff vertebral column present. Both vertebrates and invertebrates have a notochord: a flexible stiffening rod that they retain as adults

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by nova707
Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:15 pm
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